Campus housing/residence halls

General information about room cost:
Room costs are based on the type of room assigned. There will only be double and single rooms assigned. There will not be any quads assigned in order to safely social distance. If a student is assigned a single they will be assessed a single rate based on residence hall, and similarly so for a double.

Q:  What will be the procedure to refund double room fees already paid now that single occupancy is the only option?
A. ​Single rooms cost more than double so there would not be a refund. 

Q. Is it too late to apply for on-campus housing?
 No. It is not too late to apply. The Housing application can be found here Please use this form to apply. There are a limited number of rooms available. A refund of the $200 housing application fee will occur ONLY if we do not have any rooms available.

Q. I applied for housing but haven’t heard back. What should I do?
Email the Office of Housing and Student Conduct at

Q. How will residence hall check-in work this fall?
A. While all the details are still being finalized, students will be assigned a check-in appointment time. Residents who are coming from out of state will be assigned a check-in appointment August 3-5, 2020 to allow for a 14-day quarantine pursuant to the current public health order. Residents from New Mexico will be assigned a check-in appointment August 15-17, 2020.

Q. Are freshman students still required to live on campus?
A. No. This is a change from past requirements and is only applicable during the pandemic.

Q. What will living in the residence halls look like under Covid-19?
Residents should expect to practice safe social distancing and the wearing of face coverings at all times on campus, including common or public areas in the residence halls. The traditional on-campus living experience will be different. However, there will be a variety of programming that will engage students. This will include exclusive virtual events as well as grab-and-go activities, among others. Residents will not be permitted to have mass gatherings in accordance with the current public health order. Residents will be required to sign, acknowledge, and adhere to the Addendum to Housing and Student Conduct Contract/Behavioral Agreement.

Q. Will we be quarantined in our residence halls?
Please see above regarding out-of-state residents’ 14-day quarantine requirement.

Q. I paid for a double room. What happens now?
A. Please see above regarding room assignments and costs.

Q. When can I move in?
A. Please see above regarding check-in.

Q: How many students will be returning to the residence halls? 
A: 381 students are scheduled to return as of July 29, 2020.

Q: Will parents be able to assist with move-in and be in the dorm to help with set-up?
A: Students may have one person only assist with moving in.

Q: Are there dorm rooms available?
A: Rooms are full, but there is a wait-list as cancellations may still come in.

Q: If we are going to live in housing how early do we have to be there?
A: By August 1, you should receive an invitation in your NMHU email account to move onto campus. This email will contain all the information you need regarding move-in date and time of day. The date takes into consideration the state of New Mexico’s mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Q: How will quarantine work?
A: Students are required to stay in their assigned rooms except for the following instances: Picking up grab-and-go meals from dining services; shopping for personal needs (prescriptions, personal care items, food, etc.); making health care trips; and similar essential trips. No outside guests will be allowed in residence halls.

Q: How will meal service, Wayne’s and the Purple Brew operate?
A: Meals will be provided under a purple tent just outside the dining hall, in a grab-and-go format. There is currently no dining-in service available. Similarly, the Purple Brew coffee shop will have no seating capacity, but will be open for order and takeout. In both Wayne’s and the Purple Brew, there will be a one-way entry and exit flow, with floor markers to ensure social distancing.

Q: Do we have to wear masks all the time?
A: Students will be required to wear masks in all public and common areas, including in the shared areas of dorm suites. Masks are not required once students are in their personal quarters.

Q: Have there been halls/dorm rooms set aside for students who do test positive for Covid-19? 
A: Yes, we have identified 21 secure rooms that can be utilized as isolation and/or quarantine rooms.

Q: If so, which are they? 
A: Due to our concern with student privacy, we are not disclosing the location of the residential halls/or rooms. Isolation rooms are not located within an occupied residential hall and/or isolated from other students. Security, safety and health checks will be conducted at a minimum of three times a day. Security is 24/7. Occupants will be instructed to stay in their room until they are cleared to return by a qualified medical provider and/or the Department of Health.

Q: Who will provide care for these students? The NMHU clinic, providers from the local hospital, or a contractor?  
A: It is recommended that all students utilize the partnership we have with El Centro Family Health. The service is free to students. If a student enrolls with El Centro Family Health, they will have access to clinical care to include health checks. Students also have access to  Alta Vista Hospital for emergency care. NMHU first responders will provide immediate medical response and coordinate EMS response and transportation if needed.