Welcome to the Counseling Profession

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Welcome to the Counseling Program at New Mexico Highlands University. This website contains important information you will need as you move through the program. So bookmark this page and always check here for information. The links at the top of this page will direct you to specific information you will find helpful.

Who We Are

You are entering the counseling profession during an exciting and challenging time. Counselors are powerfully involved in promoting the health and well-being of individuals throughout the country and the world. We do this in schools, businesses, and behavioral health agencies. However, because of our profession’s ethical mandate to advocate for our clients, we are also actively involved in governmental policy-making from towns and cities, to state capitols, to Washington, DC. In the coming years, you will play an important role in the lives of individuals across the lifespan, and in shaping the institutions that so powerfully affect those individuals.

Our Mission

As counselor educators, our mission is to ensure you receive the training needed to prepare you to become a competent and effective clinical mental health counselor, school counselor or rehabilitation counselor. This handbook provides critical information you will need to move through this program in the most effective and efficient way. However, you should always maintain regular contact with your professors and, most importantly, your advisor. You should also bookmark the program’s website and refer to it regularly for important updates. You can find that site at: www.nmhu.edu/counseling.

Your Advisor

Please talk with your advisor regularly and frequently throughout your program. This will ensure that you are making the best decisions concerning your academic and professional career. We recommend talking with them at least once per semester.

Again, welcome to the counseling program at NMHU.