Budget Development

FY11 Budget Development Instructions and Guidelines

Departmental reports are provided to assist departments in determining their FY11 non-salary line-item allocations. These reports are based upon the adjusted budget; that is, the beginning budget as of July 1, 2010 plus any BARs processed through February 26, 2010. Actual expenses to date are included as guides for the upcoming year.

Departments are only responsible for the general expenses portion of their budgets (General & Administrative Expenses, Travel, Equipment, hourly non-classroom staff). All other budget items – salaries, benefits, revenues, internal charges, etc. – will be handled by the Budget Office.

While the blank lines in the far right column are provided for departments to enter the new budget, this column must be transferred to Banner for submission. Please inform Eileen Bentley of whom you designate to perform this data entry. If the designee has not entered the budget in Banner before, or needs refresher training, please contact Darlene Tapia (ext. 3272) and she will schedule a training session.  All non-Banner budget development questions should be directed to Eileen (eabentley@nmhu.edu; ext. 3138).  Budgets must be entered in Banner by March 13.


➢    FY11 estimated revenues will be entered by the Budget Office.

Salaries and Benefits

➢    FTE-based salary accounts will be updated by the Budget Office and will reflect current salaries for all filled positions.

➢    This year’s departmental reports reflect the position numbers that are assigned to all FTEs by Human Resources. We are providing these numbers so that you may track FTEs by their unique numbers, instead of trying to keep track by the people who encumber(ed) them.

➢    Fringe Benefits will be determined by Human Resources and entered by the Budget Office.

➢    Unused FY09 vacant positions have not been carried over to FY10. There are no vacant or new positions in the budget, unless they have already been approved and are already being advertised or searched.

➢    All other vacant or proposed positions must be requested in writing and accompanied by a justification.

➢    Account codes 6117 (Faculty Salaries – Per Course), 6118 (Faculty – Non Teaching Supplemental), and 6119 (Faculty Salaries – Overloads) are considered as a group. Budget vs. actual is maintained on the total of the three accounts.

➢    Account codes 6150 (Student Salaries), 6151 (Departmental Students), 6152 (Work-Study Federal), and 6153 (Work-Study State) are considered as a group. Budget vs. actual is maintained on the total of the four accounts.

General and Administration, Travel, Equipment and Hourly (non-classroom) Employees

These categories are determined by each department and are entered into Banner at the department or Vice President level. However you distribute your funds, the FY10 bottom line total must remain the same as the FY09 total.

➢    Requests for one-time or permanent additional funds must be made in writing, accompanied by a justification.

➢    Please budget in whole dollars only.

Equipment and Building Repairs/Improvements

The State Higher Education Funding Formula provides money for equipment and building repair and renewal. We believe the University would benefit from your input on the use of these funds. Please provide a brief written justification if you want to request new equipment or building repairs/ enhancements.

Eligible Building Repair & Renewal (BR & R) projects are those that renew or remodel existing Instructional & General facilities. They may not be used for movable equipment, furniture, auxiliary space, or new space.

Eligible Equipment Replacement & Renewal (ER & R) projects are those that replace or repair equipment costing $1,000 at a minimum. Requests for equipment of a lesser amount are not eligible for this fund.

While equipment costing less than $1,000 per unit is not eligible for these funds, we do ask that you make any requests for smaller items during this time. Examples are cell phones and printers.

Download Complete Fiscal Year 2010-2011 budget (PDF)

Download Complete Fiscal Year 2009-2010 budget (PDF)

Download Complete Fiscal Year 2008-2009 budget (PDF)