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The Faculty Senate is the primary way that faculty participate in university governance. It is elected in accordance with its own constitution that appears in the Faculty Handbook and approved by the Highlands Board of Regents. To carry out its responsibility, the Faculty Senate and its subcommittees meet on a regular basis. Meetings of the Faculty Senate are scheduled between 3 and 5 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, while classes are in session.

The Office of the Faculty Senate is:
Lora Shields 213
Telephone: 505-426-2004

ZOOM link for Faculty Senate:

The Faculty Senate at New Mexico Highlands University has the following authority, responsibility and functions:

  • To initiate and review policies which affect the faculty at Highlands
  • To make studies and offer recommendations and advisory opinions on any matters germane to the welfare of the faculty and students
  • To create, update, distribute and permit electronic access to the NMHU Faculty Handbook.
  • To elect members to certain committees
  • To create ad hoc committees to study, investigate and make recommendations on matters that concern the well being of the faculty

For additional information relating to faculty, please see the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Members of the Faculty Senate for the 2021-22 academic year are:

Beth Massaro – Executive Committee, Chair (Social Work)
Daniel Chadborn – Executive Committee, Vice Chair (Psychology)
Jennifer Lindline – Executive Committee, Faculty Senate Secretary (Geology)
Justine Garcia – Executive Committee, At Large (Biology)
William Hayward – Executive Committee, At Large (Exercise & Sport Science)
Ali Arshad (School of Business / Business Administration)
Rod Rock– (Educational Leadership)
John Jeffries (Computer and Mathematical Sciences)
Kevin Ensor (School of Education / Counseling / Rio Rancho)
Ann Wolf (School of Education / Curriculum & Instructional/Rio Rancho)
Melanie Buchanan-Farmer (School of Education / Teacher Education)
Ben Villarreal (English & Philosophy)
Mario Gonzales (Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice)
Steven Williams (History & Political Science)
Norma Valenzuela (Languages & Culture)
Edward Harrington (Visual & Performing Arts)
April Kent (Library)
Sandra Gardner (Nursing)
Angela Meron (Media Arts & Technology)
PJ Sedillo (School of Education / Special Education)
David Sammeth (Chemistry)
Blanca Cespedes (Forestry)
Doris Gallegos (Staff Senate Representative) (Non-Voting)
Chris Ulibarri (Student Senate Representative) (Non-Voting)
Adriana J Warwell (Administrative Assistant to the Faculty Senate)