Residence Hall Security

The Highlands campus is comparatively safe.  With a daily population of more than 3,000, and a resident population of more than 600, crime statistics at Highlands are small compared to other universities and cities of similar size.

However, burglary and thefts do occur here, and are the most reported crimes on campus. Students and staff are encouraged to lock up valuables and not leave them unattended, as this leads to a large number of thefts.  Residence hall exterior doors are normally locked 24 hours a day.

Guests and nonresidents can enter Connor and Melody halls through the front doors when the desk is staffed, (noon to midnight); guests and nonresidents can enter all buildings at other times, but only when accompanied by a resident.

Rooms in South Kennedy, Arrott and Gregg halls open directly to the outside and it is the responsibility of residents to make sure their doors are secure.

Residents are encouraged to lock their room doors at night and whenever they leave their rooms.

Resident assistants and resident directors are available in each hall to assist residents.

Most academic buildings on campus are open to the public during normal business hours and up to 10 p.m. for evening classes.

Administrative buildings are open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The library and certain buildings with computer labs post their hours of operation for the convenience of students and staff.  Exterior doors to these buildings are locked every night.

Buildings are secured when not in use.