NMHU LAS VEGAS CAMPUS: CLOSED Friday, March 17 due to inclement weather

NMHU LAS VEGAS CAMPUS: CLOSED Friday, March 17 due to inclement weather


Any employee who travels for University Business MUST submit a Travel Request at least 3 days prior to the date of travel for in-state travel and at least 10 days for out-of-state travel, even if reimbursement is not being requested.

  • Travel Requests not submitted according to the timelines listed in the policy, please attach an After-the-Fact Memo with an explanation. The Vice President of Finance and Administration must approve the Travel Requests.
  • A Travel Request is required for approval even when no reimbursement requested.
  • A Travel Request is required for insurance coverage purposes.

NMHU Travel Request Form

  • Completed before the start of travel and submitted to Travel Department.
  • Must have all signatures.
  • If attending a Conference, Seminar, or meeting attach a copy of the Itinerary.
  • Attach copies of all back-up documentation.
  • If anything is being paid for or reimbursed on a check request, attach a copy of the check request along with back-up documentation.
  • If unsure, please attach a memo explaining the situation.

When completing a Travel Request please verify Banner ID#, FOAPAL, and Dates of Travel.

Accounts for travel line items.

  • 7611 —–in-state travel
  • 7612 —–out-of-state travel
  • 7612A —-Airfare
  • 7612B —-Student Airfare
  • 7613 —–Registration Fees
  • 7613B —–Student Registration Fees
  • 7614 —–Student Travel with faculty or staff member
  • 7614A—-Student Travel without faculty or staff member
  • 7615——Team Travel

Travel Requests

President approval is needed for all international Travel.Travel Requests must have all authorized signatures.


  • Traveler
  • Supervisor/Director
  • VP of Finance – Out of State
  • Provost- Faculty Only
  • Dean of Students- Students


  • Traveler
  • Supervisor/Director
  • Angela Juarez
  • VP of Finance – Out of State
  • Provost –  Faculty Only
  • Dean of Students- Students

Lodging, Meals, and Incidental Expenses (Per Diem)

Reimbursed for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses is at standard perdiem amounts. NMHU follows the Federal Government Per Diem Rates base on the location of the travel destination.  The Per Diem Rates are located on the following websites.

Attach a copy of the Rate used for the travel location to the Travel Request.


When claiming Per Diem for Lodging no receipt is required.

  • Lodging is only reimbursable if the travel destination is at least 35 miles away (one-way) from the traveler’s post-of-duty
  • When lodging costs exceed the per diem amount due to taxes and fees, an actual receipt will be required to receive full reimbursement.

Conference Hotels

  • NMHU can reimburse the full amount for lodging when it is the Conference Hotel.
  • Documentation must be included with the back-up referencing the actual Conference Hotel.
  • An actual receipt is needed to request reimbursement for Conference Hotels that exceed the GSA Rate for the area.

Per Diem Meals and Incidental Expenses

Per Diem Rates for Meals and Incidentals can be found on the GSA Website on the right side of the table provided by GSA.

  • *Receipts are no longer required for meal reimbursement. Actual receipts for meals will not be reimbursed.
  • First and Last day of travel are computed at 75% of the GSA Rate.
  • Two day travel is considered First and Last day travel.
  • Incidental expenses include fees and tips for porters, baggage carriers, hotel staff, or laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Per Diem for meals and incidental expenses includes applicable taxes and tips.

* Exemptions: Athletic Team Travel, Field Trips and Field Work Travel, will require receipts for meals.

Conference Meals

Meals provided by the Conference/meeting will decrease Per Diem amount.

  • The Breakdowns are located on the GSA website.
  • Indicate when meals are provided.

Same-Day Travel Per Diem

Reimbursed through Payroll and is taxable.

  • Indicate the times of departure and arrival, to qualify for Same-Day Per Diem, on 1st page of Travel Voucher
  • Per Diem for Same-Day Travel
    • Rates are found on the GSA website
      • 0-2 hours—————$0.00
      • 2-6 hours————— 50% of the Rate
      • Over 6 hours———–100% of the Rate


Reimbursed at $.545 per mile when traveling in a privately owned vehicle.

  • Mileage Chart, Approved Website or Odometer Readings are required for mileage reimbursement.
  • Mileage is not reimbursable when traveling in a University vehicle.
  • Departments are still responsible for reserving vehicle.
  • Off-Site Employees using vehicles located at the sites must still complete a Travel Request for liability purposes.
  • Gas receipts will not be reimbursed for personal vehicles

Travel Department will forward a copy of the travel request to Facilities prior to the release of a University vehicle.


  • Three airline quotes must be attached to Travel Request; the chosen airfare must be the least expensive of the 3 quotes.
  • Quotes do not need to be from different airlines.
  • Provide an explanation for flights other than the least expensive.
  • Policy 6.4.4 – Reimbursement for mileage of a personal vehicle used in lieu of air travel may not exceed the cost of coach airfare.
    • Attach Airfare Quotes to Travel Request.

Blanket Travel Requests

  • Used for multiple trips or multiple days.
  • Advances are not allowable.
  • Reimbursements will take place after the completion of all trips.
    • One travel voucher per travel request

Travel Voucher Reimbursement

  • Policy 3.1 – Within 30 days of completion of travel.
  • If submitted more than 30 days after the completion of travel, no reimbursement will occur.
  • Please complete all necessary sections.
  • When requesting reimbursement for airfare, lodging, registration or anything else, please provide the actual reimbursement receipt or credit/debit card transaction (Indication of Payment).
  • Please “lightly” tape all receipts to a blank sheet of paper. Please do not staple receipts to papers. (We Scan and Index all documentation into the system to be viewed by departments via Banner Web.)
  • If requesting reimbursement for anything unconventional please provide a memo explaining the charge.
  • Travel Vouchers must always be signed by the traveler
  • If Travel Voucher is over by 10% or $25, whichever is higher, than the total estimate on the Travel Request, an explanation and approval is required by the VPFA. (Grants need the Director of ORSP and Angela Vigil-Juarez approval.)
  • Do not request reimbursement on a Travel Voucher for us of University Vehicle.
  • Gasoline reimbursement allowed for rental cars.

Travel Advances

  • When requesting a Travel Advance, please submit Travel Request and Voucher with sufficient time to allow Travel Department to process the advance.
  • Please indicate request of Travel Advance on both Travel Voucher and on the top of the Travel Request.
  • A Travel Voucher is necessary to process an Advance. Signed in both sections, Traveler Signature and For Advances Only section.
  • Travel Advances paid up to 80% of sub-total amount requested.
  • Submit Second Travel Vouchers within 10 working days after returning from the trip.
  • If the advance exceeds the reimbursable amount, the traveler is responsible for paying back that amount.
  • Please make payment as soon as possible to the University for money owed back because either for cancelled trips or advances exceeded trip amount.

If not reimbursed within 10 days, Payroll Deductions will take place for balances due to the University.

Travel Cancellations

No funds requested, send an email to the Travel Department to disencumber the funds.

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