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Any employee who travels for University business must submit a Travel Request at least three days prior to the date of travel for in-state travel and at least 10 days for out-of-state travel, even if reimbursement is not being requested.

  • Any Travel Request not submitted within this timeframe will be returned to the department and will require an after-the-fact memo explaining why it was not submitted in a timely manner.

Travel Requests

  • Travel Requests must have all authorized signatures.
    Unrestricted Restricted
    Traveler Traveler
    Supervisor/Director Supervisor/Director
    Angela Juarez
    VP/President- Out of State Vice President-Out of State
  • Per Travel Policy 4.1 out-of-state Travel Requests must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to start of trip; in-state Travel Request must be submitted at least 3 days prior to start of trip.
  • When completing a Travel Request please verify Banner ID#, FOAPL, and Dates of Travel.
    7611 in-state travel
    7612 out-of-state travel
     7612A Airfare
    7613 Registration
    7614 Student Travel with faculty or staff member
    7614A Student Travel with out faculty or staff member
    7615 Team Travel
    • i.e., Check Requests, Registration, Lodging, Airfare, AGENDAS and/or ITINERARIES, and Mileage Charts (Rand McNally, MapQuest or Yahoo maps).


  • Mileage rate is reimbursed at IRS Standard Mileage Rate per mile when traveling in a privately owned vehicle.
    • Current IRS Standard Mileage Rate is 53.5 cents per mile
    • Mileage Chart, Approved Website or Odometer Readings
    • Mileage is not reimbursable when traveling in a University vehicle (A copy of Travel Request must be sent to Facilities to reserve a vehicle.)
  • žPolicy 6.4.4 –  Reimbursement for mileage of a personal vehicle used in lieu of air travel may not exceed the cost of coach airfare.
    • Airfare Quotes must be attached to Travel Request.


  • The University no longer works with a Travel Agent, all travelers are responsible for booking and paying for their Airfare. We will work with people to get them reimbursed for their airfare as soon as possible when submitted on a check request.
  • Three airline quotes must be attached to Travel Requests, the chosen airfare must be the least expensive of the 3 quotes.
  • If any flight other than the least expensive is chosen, please explain the reason in writing. Approval from A/P Manager is needed before it is finalized.

Travel advances

  • žTravel Advances are paid up to 80% of total amount requested.
  • žWhen requesting a travel advance please submit Travel Request and Voucher with sufficient time to allow Travel Department to process the advance. 
  • žTravel advances represent personal loans from the University to the traveler and must be repaid by the traveler.
  • žIf the advance exceeds the reimbursable amount the traveler is responsible for paying back that amount within 10 working days after returning from the trip.

Travel vouchers

  • žTravel Vouchers must be submitted within 30 working days after returning from the trip.
  • žTravel Vouchers must be signed by the Traveler.
    • When requesting a Travel Advance the Voucher must be signed twice by the Traveler.
  • žIf total amount claimed on Voucher exceeds 10% or $25, whichever is more, of the total listed on the Travel Request, approval by Supervisor is necessary.

Lodging and meals

  • žReimbursement for lodging and meals can be either Actual out-of-pocket expenses or standard Per Diem rates.
    • When traveling only one day (same day trip) travelers will not be reimbursed for meals.
    • Actual reimbursements MUST HAVE ITEMIZED receipts (If receipts are un-itemized please attach a Travel Affidavit detailing items purchased and indicate whether Alcohol was or was not purchased during that meal.)
      • Actual Reimbursements for meals during overnight travel are limited to
        • —$30.00 per day in-state (must have Itemized receipts)
        • —$45.00 per day out-of-state (must have Itemized receipts)
      • Actual Reimbursement for lodging  is limited to (must have Itemized receipts)
        • —$85.00 in-state
        • —$95.00 Santa Fe Area
        • —$115.00 out-of-state
        • —$215.00  out-of-state Special Areas

Per Diem

  • žThe University DOES NOT reimburse meals for same day travel.
  • žPer Diem Rates for Same Day Travel(beyond  the normal 9 hour work day but less than 24 hours) are:
    • Less than 11 hours—none
    • 11-15 hours————$10.00
    • 15-21 hours————$20.00
    • 21-24 hours————$30.00
    • Meals are not reimbursed on Same Day Travel
  • žPer Diem Rates for Partial day upon return from overnight travel (after 24 hour period)
    • Less that 2 hours———none
    • 2-6 hours—————–$10.00
    • 6-12 hours—————-$20.00
    • 12-24 hours—————$30.00
  • žStandard Per Diem Rates for Overnight Travel
    • $85.00——–in-state
    • $95.00——–Santa Fe Area
    • $115.00——-out-of-state
    • $215.00 ——out-of-state Special Areas


  • Policy 3.1 –  Travel Vouchers should be submitted within 30 working days of completion of travel. IF SUBMITTED MORE THAN 30 WORKING DAYS AFTER COMPLETION OF TRAVEL, IT WILL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID AND THEREFORE, NO REIMBURSEMENT WILL OCCUR.
  • Meals are not reimbursable on same day trips; if the trip exceeds 2 hours beyond the normal 9 hour work day (11 hours) the traveler will be eligible for $10.00 per diem rate. (see per diem rates on previous page)

How to find the Online Documents

  • Go to the University Website ž
    • Employees
    • Online Documents
    • Source-Business Office
    • Document Type- Policy
      • —Paper flow Procedure, Purchasing Manual, and Travel Policy
    • Document Type- Forms
      • —Purchase Requisitions, Travel Affidavit, Travel Request and Travel Voucher
    • Document Type- Information
      • —Travel Mileage Chart

Contact information:

Crystal Romero

Lori Gonzales