Counseling Services

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It is normal for college students to have personal challenges with:

  • Stress and distress
  • Academic success or failure
  • Personal and interpersonal conflicts
  • Anxiety, worry, or sadness
  • Smoking, drinking, eating & other health issues
  • Anger or feeling out of control
  • Self-esteem and self-concept
  • Talking with faculty or staff

You can get help with any of these challenges by contacting:
El Centro Family Health: 505.454.3218

We are here to help you succeed.
We provide support and assistance when you are facing a challenge. Our goal is to help you become more self-confident and more effective in all aspects of your personal and professional life. Remember, it’s the smart person who asks for help and the strong person who knows they can’t do it alone.

Individual Personal Counseling
Individual personal counseling is provided to help you understand your feelings, thoughts and behavior and to help you make more effective decisions about your life. Counseling is private and confidential.

Licensed counselors and graduate interns are available to help students, faculty, staff, and family members with personal issues about depression, anxiety, stress, academics, finances, relationships, health, and other problems that can impact your success at Highlands.

Call for an appointment: 505.454.3218