Commencement 2023 Information

Commencement 2023 Information


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2022-2023 Committee Membership

Academic Affairs Committee

One member from each college department, plus two members from each school, one librarian. Two-year terms, only two consecutive terms, elected by department or school.

Chair: Gloria Gadsden
Secretary: Luke Ritter

Art & Music: André García-Nuthmann
Biology: Maureen Romine
Business Administration: Rodney Sanchez
Chemistry: open
Computer and Mathematical Sciences: John Jeffries
Education; Counseling: Geri Glover
Education; Curriculum and Instruction: Daniel Olufemi
Education; Educational Leadership: Sheree Jederberg
Education; Special Education: Mariana Ulibarri-Haron
Education; Teacher Education: Elisabeth Valenzuela
English and Philosophy: Ben Villarreal
Exercise and Sport Science: Katherine Jenkins
Forestry: Blanca Cespedes
History and Political Science: Luke Ritter
Languages and Culture: open
Library: Kevin Corcoran
Media Arts and Technology: Miriam Langer
Natural Resources Management: Mike Petronis
Nursing: Kristen Munyan
Psychology: David Pan
Social Work: Benjamin Bencomo
Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice: Gloria Gadsden

Ex-Officio Members:
Provost/VPAA: Roxanne Gonzales
Registrar: Henrietta Romero

Faculty Senate representative: April Kent

Meeting Minutes

Athletic Committee
Five at-large members elected by Faculty Senate, three year terms.
Limited to 2 terms, no school or department with more than 1 member.

Chair: Melanie Zollner
Secretary: Kristin Bogda

Social Work: Frances Ortega
CAS; Exercise and Sport Sciences : Kristin Bogda
CAS; Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice: Erika Derkas
Business : Melanie Zollner

Ex-Officio Members:
Ben Bencomo, Faculty Athletic Representative
Andrew Ehling, Athletic Director

Faculty Affairs Committee
Ten committee members elected by College or School, two from Business, two from Education, four from College (two from Math & Sciences, two from Humanities and Fine Arts)

Co- Chair: Taik Kim
Co- Chair: Lori Rudolph

College/Arts & Humanities: Peter Buchanan
College/Arts & Humanities: Todd Christensen
College/Math & Science: Jesus Rivas
College/Math & Science: Vacant
Business: Emmanuel Nkwenti-Zamcho
Business: Vacant
Education; Counseling: Lori Rudolph
Education; Teacher Education: Taik Kim
Social Work: Rey Martinez
Social Work: Vacant

Faculty Research Committee
One member from each College department, plus two members from each School, one librarian. 
Biology: Sebastian Medina
Chemistry: Vacant
Computer and Mathematical Sciences: Vacant
English and Philosophy: Juan Gallegos
Exercise and Sports Science: Bill Hayward
History and Political Science: Vacant
Languages and Culture: Norma Valenzuela
Library: Katie Gray
Natural Resources Department: Michael Petronis
Nursing: Sandra Gardner
Psychology: David Pan
Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice: Jacob Avery
Visual and Performing Arts: David Lobdell
Business: Ali Arshad
Forestry:  Vacant
Education: Lori Rudolph
Education: Seonsook Park
Social Work: Kim Knox
Social Work: Vacant

Financial Planning Committee
Six members elected by the Faculty senate, no school or department may have more than one member
College/Math & Science:  Erika Derkas (Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice)
College/Math & Science: Jesus Rivas, Chair (Biology)
College/Math & Science: Josh Sloan (Natural Resources Management)
Business:  Keith Tucker
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Vacant

Ex-Officio Members:
Max Baca (VP of Finance)
Roxanne Gonzales (Provost/VPAA)

International Education Committee
One Faculty Member from each School and College plus at least two-at-large faculty members
College/Math & Science:  Youngseek Kim, Chair (Exercise & Sports Sciences)
College/Arts & Humanities:  Helen Blythe (English & Philosophy)
School of Business:  Emmanuel Nkweni-Zamcho
Social of Education: Seonsook Park
School of Social Work: Dolores Ortega
At Large: Tatiana Timofeeva (Chemistry)

Ex-Officio Member
Director of International Education, Tina Clayton

Library Committee
One elected member from each school and five from the College, no more than 2 from the same discipline, at least one from Arts and Humanities and one from Math and Science, One librarian a voting member
College/Arts & Humanities: Steve Williams, Chair (History & Political Science)
College/Math & Science: Joe Schmalfeldt (Exercise & Sports Sciences)
College/Arts & Humanities: Donna Woodford-Gormley (English & Philosophy)
College: Vacant
College: Vacant
Business: Melanie Zolner
Education: Shirley Meckes
Education: Eva Yerende
Social Work: Dolores Ortega
Library: Leslie Broughton, voting member
Library: April Kent, non-voting
Library: Josephine Sena, non-voting

Ex-Officio Member:
Ruben Aragon, Library Director

Outcomes Assessment Committee
One from each school, three from college, at least one from Arts and Humanities and one from Sciences and Mathematics
College/Arts & Humanities: Lauren Fath, Chair (English & Philosophy)
College/Arts & Humanities: Victoria Evans (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice)
College/Math & Sciences: Sara Corey-Rivas (Biology)
Business: Heath Anderson
Education: Sarah Santillanes
Social Work: Judith Barnstone
Ex-Officio Members:
Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Lee Allard


Student Affairs Committee
Twelve faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate; no school or department shall have more than two members; One member from the Faculty Senate.
College/Math & Science: Joseph Sabutis (Mathematics and Computer Science)
College/Arts & Humanities: Juan Gallegos (English & Philosophy)
College/Arts & Humanities: Edward Harrington (Visual & Performing Arts)
College/Arts & Humanities: Mario Gonzales (Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice)
College/Arts & Humanities: Peter Buchanan, Chair (English & Philosophy)
College/Math & Science: Kyle Rose (Natural Resources Management)
Business: Emmanuel Nkwenti-Zmacho
Education: Doug Main
Social Work: Valerie Valles-Pedroza (non-voting)
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Vacant

Ex-Officio Members:
Director of Admissions
Director of Financial Assistance
Assistant Director of Registration
Dean of Students

Technology Committee
One from each school, two from the college, one librarian
College/Math & Sciences): Richard Medina (Math & Computer Science)
College/Math & Science: Jeanie Flood (Nursing)
Business: Carla Romero (non-voting)
Education: Geri Glover, Chair
Social Work: Vacant
Library: Josephine Sena

Ex-Officio Members
Information Technology Services: Joe Gieri
EOS: Eddie DesChamps
EOS: John DesChamps
CTE: Dianna Mars

Pino Committee

Faculty Activities
April Kent
Angela Meron
Patricia Cruz

Center for Teaching Excellence Board
Arts and Science: Jason McIntosh, Chair (English & Philosophy)
Arts and Science: Sarah Corey-Rivas (Biology)
Business: Charles Swim
Education: Michael Immerman
Social Work: Amy Messex

Graduate Council
All departmental, program, or professional school Graduate Coordinators
Business: Chien-Chung Chen
Chemistry: Chris Stead
Computer Science:  Gill Gallegos
Education; Curriculum & Instruction:  Seonsook Park
Education; Educational Leadership:  Patricia Cruz
English: Helen Blythe
History:  Peter Linder
Media Arts: Mariah Fox Hausman
Media Arts/SSD:  Jonathan Lee
Natural Sciences-Biology: Jesus Rivas
Natural Sciences-Environmental Science & Management: Julie Tsatsaros
Natural Sciences-Geology: Michael Petronis
Physical Education: Joseph Schmaldfeldt
Psychology:  David Pan, Chair
Public Affairs, Applied Sociology:  Gloria Gadsden
Social Work: Sam Terrazas
Southwest Studies-Anthropology:  Mario Gonzales
Ex-Officio Member
Registrar:  Thomasinia Ortiz-Gallegos

Committee lists are subject to change.