State Student Incentive Grant


Qualifications: Undergraduate students only (must be Pell Grant recipient); New Mexico resident.

Annual Amount: Up to $2,000.

Deadlines & Application: March 1: Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA); April 15: complete file

Description: Similar to Pell Grants, State Student Incentive Grants are given to students with high financial need who qualify for Pell Grants. They do not have to be repaid.

Unlike the Pell Grant, the university is given a set amount by the state for  State Student Incentive Grants, and all qualified applicants are not guaranteed them. They are given on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who have qualified for Pell Grants and, by law, to state residents. They are identical to the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants in amount, with a $2000 maximum for single parents with EFCs of zero.

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