Hacienda Appaloosa


Hacienda Appaloosa

Get with the Rhythm: Music and performance

MUS 101      Rudiments of music

SPCH 124    Beginning Speech

UNST 101    Integrative Seminar A

In “Get with the Rhythm,” we explore the connections between music and performance in terms of rhythm, voice, sound, and words. As students of music, we examine the fundamentals of music theory and form: rhythm, melody, and harmony. As students of speech, we develop our performance abilities, focusing on the musical aspects of verse: rhyme, alliteration, and rhythmical patterns. As Learning Community students, we explore how the lyric creates emotion in a harmonious relationship between words and melody. Off-campus field experiences to musical and/or spoken word performances are integral elements of this Learning Community experience, which culminates in a whole-class creative project, connecting lyrics, music, narrative and video, and celebrating the landscapes and cultures of northern New Mexico. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in music, writing lyrics, or poetry.


Communities, Resilience, and Ecosystems: Exploring ecology for a better world 

FOR 105              Humans and Ecosystems

FOR 105              Laboratory

ENGL 111           Freshman Composition

ENGL 106            Reading & Writing for Inquiry

UNST 101            Integrative Seminar A

In “Communities, Resilience, and Ecosystems,” we study the relationship between human well-being and evolving local and global ecosystems.  As scientists, we explore the confluence of a number of issues that impact the sustainability of current practices and our ability to successfully adapt to these changes.  As writers, we analyze and evaluate effective methods of communication in order to facilitate more informed responses and arguments to issues such as water supply, food production, climate change, and the role that scientific knowledge plays in this process. This learning community is a great match for you if you are interested in environmental issues or forestry.


Know Yourself: Discovering the inner workings of the human body

BIO 131       Human Biology

BIO 131       Laboratory

CS 101        Living with Computers

CS 101        Laboratory

UNST 101  Integrative Seminar A

In “Know Yourself,” students will explore the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body while employing technology. Students will develop a project in the biology laboratory that will be analyzed and displayed in the computer science course. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in the human body or technology in biological science.


 Harry Potter: The Magic of Reading and Writing

ENGL 135      Harry Potter

ENGL 111     Freshman Composition

ENGL 106      Reading & Writing for Inquiry

UNST 101      Integrative Seminar A

J.K. Rowling first imagined the story of a boy wizard who didn’t know he was a wizard (on a train ride, with no pen), she was unknowingly creating more than a book series. Her books sparked a literary and cultural phenomenon. Children were not only encouraged to read, but began writing their own fan fiction, engaging in animated discussions about their favorite characters, and attending midnight book release parties in costumes. Nor were children the only ones interested. Many of Rowling’s most ardent fans are adults, and scholars have noted that the books are more than popular children’s stories, but also impressive literary works incorporating elements of myth, folklore, and canonical literature. Even after the completion of the book series and the associated movies, Harry Potter’s world continues to fascinate us. We will examine the books, films, web sites, and manifestations of the Harry Potter phenomenon for their literary and cultural significance.