Hacienda Grulla


Hacienda Grulla

Teachers for Tomorrow(1): Empowering the next generation of educational leaders

GNED 201          Introduction to Education

GNED 251          Field Base 1

ENGL 111          Freshman Composition

ENGL 106          Reading & Writing for Inquiry

UNST 101           Integrative Seminar  A


In “Teachers for Tomorrow,” we investigate the rewarding world of teaching by combining field-based observation of real classrooms, discussion of relevant issues in contemporary education, analysis of teacher and student narratives, and investigation of the role that literacy plays in various academic disciplines.  In this learning community, we use writing as a strategic tool for negotiating our emerging identities as educators and for engaging in academic conversations with specific audiences for particular purposes. “Teachers for Tomorrow” is a great match for you if you are interested in teaching and education. This learning community incorporates visits to classrooms at a variety of educational levels.


Conservation: A Celebration of Biodiversity

BIO 211       General Biology 1

BIO 211        Laboratory

UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

*Mentored by BIO 440  Conservation Biology               

In “Conservation,” we will explore the inner workings of ecological systems and evolution that produce the amazing diversity of life on earth. Our theme focuses on principles of conservation biology that guide all biologist in the 21st century who must navigate how to protect biodiversity both locally and on a global scale. The learning community will collaborate with the Biology 440 Conservation Biology class to read and discuss a collection of popular readings in conservation biology and take action locally on a conservation service-learning project


Social Workers: Standing for social justice and advocacy of others

SW 218         Intro to Social Work

NAHS 124    Intro to Native American/Hispano Cultural Studies

UNST 101    Integrative Seminar A

In “Social Workers,” we will explore the evolution of social work and the impactful changes this helping profession has made in the lives of people. We will also research deep cultural formations of communities and individual cultural identity construction, which are foundational to the social work profession’s ability to help others learn to help themselves.  We will focus on empowerment, advocacy, and support for the marginalized groups of NM and the greater southwest. Presenters from different helping professions will discuss with us their real-life experiences, and activities will emphasize the wide range and influence of cultural expression and artistry. This learning community will participate in off-campus field experiences with local social work agencies.


 BizTech: Let’s Excel in Business

BUS 200        Business Analysis Methods

CS 135           Intro to Information Systems

UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “BizTech: Let’s Excel in Business” we explore the connections between common business functions and needs and how we can utilize software to plan, analyze and process information to make decisions, lower costs, increase efficiency, perform basic financial business-related functions, create marketing and promotional pieces, and expand to a global market. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in owning your own business, or working in Information systems to support a business, while also learning all the basic computer functions that will be useful throughout college and in your daily life.