Hacienda Palomino

Hacienda Palomino

Voices: Finding your voice and the voice of your prehistoric ancestors

ANTH 103    Introduction to Physical Anthropology & Archeology

SPCH 124    Beginning Speech

UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “Voices,” you will learn how to express yourself as well as explore our connection to the deep past.  As anthropologists and archaeologists, we address the evolution of Homo sapiens and how studying past cultures with an emphasis on adaptation and manipulation of our environment affects us today.  In Speech, we find our personal voice and present information in an organized and credible way.  If you are interested in anthropology and archaeology and wish to gain confidence in expressing your own thoughts and ideas, this LC is a good match for you!

From the Micro to the Macro: How Human Behavior Affects Social Change

PSY 101        Psychology and Society

PSY 101        Discussion Section

SOC 152        Introduction to Sociology

UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “From the Micro to the Macro,” we study how psychology and sociology intersect to explain how basic human behaviors and social systems work together to explain the origins of things such as motivation, emotion, religion, and systems of stratification. Throughout the semester we will observe the reciprocity perspectives from psychological and sociological literature. We will also observe how individual psychology drives human social behavior. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in psychology, sociology, or biology.

In Search of the Extraordinary: Awakening true human potential

UNST 101   Integrative Seminar B

In “Search of the Extraordinary: Awakening True Human Potential,” advanced first-year students will investigate the different scientific perspectives of achieving full human potential. As the semester progresses, we will explore different ways in which we can enrich our lives by identifying and cultivating our strengths while improving our weaknesses. This community will not only provide you with the tools to be successful in the academic community, it will also provide you with ways in which you can start reaching your own personal potential.