Commencement 2024 Information

Commencement 2024 Information


All students are to move from the halls as follows:

  • If your last final exam is scheduled in the morning, you are to move from the residence hall before 5 p.m. on the last day of school.
  • If your last final exam is scheduled in the afternoon, you are to move from the halls before 9 a.m. of the following day.
  • Residents participating in graduation ceremonies must move out of their hall by the Sunday immediately following Commencement.
  • Connor, Melody and VCH (Viles & Crimmin Hall) will be closed at 8 p.m. on the last day of school. See your resident director if you must remain overnight that night.
  • Kennedy Hall residents who have not signed up for interim housing must also move out of the hall according to the schedule above or risk having entry to the room electronically blocked, as the rooms in Kennedy will be assigned to other students for summer housing.
  • The last meal served in the dining hall is dinner on on the last day of school.

Check Out

The following must be done before you check out:

  • Turn in your mailbox key to the post office. (Your key deposit will be returned at that time.)
  • Remove all decorations from windows, doors, etc.
  • Remove all personal furnishings.
  • Empty and clean all areas. Sweep and mop room floor (do not sweep trash into the hallway).
  • Clean suites, bathrooms and common areas (Melody, Connor Hall and Viles & Crimmin Residence Hall).
  • Place all trash in trash bins. (Large items should be taken to the outside dumpsters.)
  • Close and lock windows and turn off the lights.
  • All furniture assigned to the room must be in place before you check out.

Your keycard will deactivate at 8 p.m. on the last day of school.

  • Failure to check out properly will result in an improper checkout charge of $100.
  • Failure to clean the room before moving out will result in a minimum $75 charge for cleaning.
  • All rooms will be thoroughly inspected for cleanliness, damages and missing items.
  • All damage charges assessed as a result of this inspection will be billed to the student.

Please remember to always lock your room door whenever you are not in the room. Also, do not load your car the night before leaving the campus.

This is a prime time for thefts from rooms and vehicles.

Before you leave, check your student email to renew your housing application and contract. (Contracts received after the last day of school will require another $200 application fee.)