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Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Reports (IPEDS)

Data Feedback Reports

These reports are provided by IPEDS each year. They compare New Mexico Highlands University to our self-selected peer institutions on a number of variables.

Data Feedback Report 2017
Data Feedback Report 2016

Data Feedback Report 2015
Data Feedback Report 2014
Data Feedback Report 2013
Data Feedback Report 2012
Data Feedback Report 2011


These are the data surveys NMHU provides to IPEDS each year. The year the survey was completed does NOT indicate the year of the data reported. That date varies from survey to survey, and is indicated in the survey itself.

  • 12-month Enrollment: Unduplicated student enrollment counts and instructional activity data for an entire 12-month period.
  • Academic Libraries: Information on library collections, library expenses, and library services for librarians in degree-granting postsecondary institutions.
  • Degree Completions: The number of degrees and certificates awarded by field of study, level of award, race/ethnicity, and gender for a 12-month period.
  • Fall Enrollment: Student enrollment counts by level of student, enrollment status, gender, race/ethnicity. Every other year residence data is required.
  • Finance Survey: Basic financial information from items associated with the institution’s General Purpose Financial Statements.
  • Graduation Rates 200: A further extension of the traditional Graduation Rates (GR) component which carries forward 100% and 150% graduation rates data previously reported in the GR component and requests information on any additional completers and exclusions from the cohort between 151% and 200% of normal time for students to complete all requirements of their program of study.
  • Graduation Rates Survey: Data on the cohort of full-time, first-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students and tracks their completion status at 150% of the normal time to complete all requirements of their program of study.
  • Human Resources Survey: Includes Fall Staff, Faculty Salaries, and Employees by Assigned Position (EAP)
  • Institutional Characteristics: Important information about institution’s mission, student services, and student charges.
  • Student Financial Aid: Information about financial aid provided to various groups of undergraduate students and military/veteran educational benefits for all students at the institution.
  • Outcome Measures: Award and enrollment data from degree-granting institutions on four undergraduate cohorts at two points in the time; six-year and eight-year. The four cohorts of degree/certificate-seeking undergraduates are:  full-time, first-time; part-time, first-time; full-time, non-first-time; part-time, non-first-time. This is a new survey that began in 2015-2016.

2017-2018 Reports

2017-2018 12-Month Enrollment
2017-2018 Academic Libraries
2017-2018 Degree Completions
2017-2018 Fall Enrollment
2017-2018 Finance Survey
2017-2018 Graduation Rates 200
2017-2018 Graduation Rates Survey
2017-2018 Human Resources Survey
2017-2018 Institutional Characteristics
2017-2018 Student Financial Aid
2017-2018 Outcome Measures

2016-2017 Reports

2016-2017 12-Month Enrollment
2016-2017 Academic Libraries
2016-2017 Degree Completions
2016-2017 Fall Enrollment
2016-2017 Finance Survey
2016-2017 Graduation Rates 200
2016-2017 Graduation Rates Survey
2016-2017 Human Resources Survey
2016-2017 Institutional Characteristics
2016-2017 Student Financial Aid
2016-2017 Outcome Measures

2015-2016 Reports

2015-2016 12-Month Enrollment
2015-2016 Academic Libraries
2015-2016 Degree Completions
2015-2016 Fall Enrollment
2015-2016 Finance Survey
2015-2016 Graduation Rates 200
2015-2016 Graduation Rates Survey
2015-2016 Human Resources Survey
2015-2016 Institutional Characteristics
2015-2016 Student Financial Aid
2015-2016 Outcome Measures

2014-2015 Reports

2014-2015 12-Month Enrollment
2014-2015 Academic Libraries
2014-2015 Degree Completions
2014-2015 Fall Enrollment
2014-2015 Finance Survey
2014-2015 Graduation Rates 200
2014-2015 Graduation Rates Survey
2014-2015 Human Resources Survey
2014-2015 Institutional Characteristics
2014-2015 Student Financial Aid