Articulation and Transfer Agreements

All documents are PDFs.

Articulation Matrix

Agreements by College

Central New Mexico Community College

Biology  B.A. &  B.S.  CNM

Business Majors  B.B.A.  CNM

Chemistry  B.A. & B.S.  CNM

Criminal Justice Studies  B.A.  CNM

Early Childhood Multicultural Education  B.A.  CNM

Elementary & Special Education  B.A.  CNM

English  B.A.  CNM

Psychology  B.A.  CNM

Social Work  B.S.W.  CNM

Software System Design  B.S.S.D.  CNM

Clovis Community College

Early Childhood Multicultural Education  B.A.  CNM

Elementary & Special Education  B.A.  CCC

Math & Computer Science for Secondary Teachers  B.A.  CCC

Diné College Articulation Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding Diné College

Luna Community College

Biology  B.A. LCC

Biology  B.S.  LCC

Chemistry  B.A.  LCC

Chemistry  B.S.  LCC

Chemistry/Bio Chemistry  B.A.  LCC

Conservation Management  B.A.  LCC

Environmental Geology  B.S.  LCC

Environmental Geology: Environmental Science  B.S.  LCC

Exercise Science & Health Promotion & Wellness  B.A.  LCC

Forestry: Wildland Fire  B.S.  LCC

Forestry: Forestry Management  B.S.  LCC

General Science for Secondary Teachers  B.S.  LCC

Northern New Mexico College

Memorandum of Understanding NNMC Dual Degree Program Guide

Social Work  BSW  NNMC

Pueblo Community College

Memorandum of Understanding PCC

San Juan College

Memorandum of Understanding SJC

Biology  B.A.  SJC

Biology  B.S.  SJC

Business Administration: Accounting  B.B.A.  SJC

Business Administration: Finance  B.B.A.  SJC

Business Administration: Management  B.B.A.  SJC

Business Administration: Marketing  B.B.A  SJC

Chemistry  B.A.  SJC

Chemistry  B.S.  SJC

Chemistry: Biochemistry  B.A.  SJC

Criminal Justice  B.A.  SJC

Early Childhood Multicultural Education  B.A.  SJC

Elementary Education  B.A.  SJC

Health Education  B.A.  SJC

Health Promotion and Wellness  B.A.  SJC

Media Arts  B.A.  SJC

Media Arts  B.F.A.  SJC

Psychology  B.A.  SJC

Social Work  B.S.W.  SJC

Santa Fe Community College

Applied Science: General Business B.A.S. SFCC

Business Administration: Accounting B.B.A. SFCC

Business Administration: Entrepreneurship B.B.A. SFCC

Business Administration: Finance B.B.A. SFCC

Business Administration: General Business B.B.A. SFCC

Business Administration: Management B.B.A. SFCC

Business Administration: Marketing B.B.A. SFCC

Business Administration: Media Marketing B.B.A. SFCC

Computer Science  B.S.  SFCC

Criminal Justice  B.A.  SFCC

Early Childhood Multicultural Education  B.A.  SFCC

Elementary Education  B.A.  SFCC

Nursing  B.S.  SFCC

Psychology  B.A.  SFCC

Social Work  B.S.W.  SFCC

The College of the Desert

Memorandum of Understanding The College of the Desert

Trinidad State Community College

Business Administration: Finance  B.B.A  TSCC

Business Administration: Management  B.B.A  TSCC

Business Administration: Marketing  B.B.A.  TSCC

Forestry  B.S.  TSCC

Geology  B.S.  TSCC

University of New Mexico Gallup

 Social Work MOU UNM-Gallup

University of New Mexico Taos

Biology  B.A.  UNM-Taos

Biology  B.S.  UNM-Taos

Conservation Management  B.A.  UNM-Taos

Criminal Justice  B.A.  UNM-Taos

Environmental Geology: Environmental Science  B.S.  UNM-Taos

Environmental Geology: Geology  B.S.  UNM-Taos

Environmental Geology: Water Resources  B.S.  UNM-Taos

Forestry: Forest Management  B.S.  UNM-Taos

Forestry: Wildland Fire  B.S.  UNM-Taos

Social Work  B.S.W.  UNM-Taos

Wildlife Biology & Conservation  B.S.  UNM-Taos