Emergency Purchases

The Emergency Purchases page provides documentation justifying procurements made when there exists a threat to public health, welfare, safety or property. These purchases are made in accordance with §13-1-127 N.M.S.A. 1978.

Reference # Date Posted Description Department Vendor Emergency Purchase Form
FY15-001E 3/26/15 Clean-up of hazardous materials (formaldehyde) in the Hilton Science Building. Facilities Services Williamson Restoration PDF
FY14-001E 7/24/13 Rental of a crane and dump truck to remove an electrical transformer that malfunctioned and needed to be replaced. Facilities Services Franken Construction PDF
FY14-002E 7/29/13 Emergency work to shut off the power to an electrical transformer that was malfunctioned. There was the potential for the transformer to explode. Facilities Services The Electric Horseman PDF
FY14-003E 8/14/13 Purchase of a 750KVA transformer to replace a University owned transformer that malfunctioned. The transformer feeds the University’s IT Services Department. Facilities Services Stuart C Irby PDF
FY14-004E 3/26/14 Backflow preventer repairs to prevent hazardous chemicals from returning into the City’s potable water system. Facilities Services Green Acres PDF