Identification Information Contact Authorities  Breakdown of Fringe Benefit Rates

Identification Information

ID Number or Code

CAGE Code    OXUL7
COLA Rate    1.5% per year (2009)
Congressional District NM003
DUNS # 047134101
Employer Identification (EIN) or (TIN) 85-6000-406
Federal Status Tax exempt under Section 170 as a political subdivision
Fringe Benefit Rates    34.5% or less (For more detail see next page)
F & A (Federal IDC) or Indirect Cost Rate  Beginning 07/07/11 To calculate an indirect rate, use the approved modified total direct cost consisting only of: salary/wages, fringe benefits, materials, supples, services, travel and subgrants & each subcontract up to first $25,000. On Campus: 46.5% (Organized Research & Instruction) On Campus: 36.5% (Other Sponsored Activities) Off-Campus: 24% (All Programs)
Human Subjects Assurance # S-007230-04
IDC (F&A) DHHS Agreement Date  May 20, 2009
Laboratory Animal Welfare Assurance #  A3907-01
NMHU’s Legal Entity  NMHU University Board of Regents
NM State Gross Receipts Tax#   CRS (Combined Reporting System)  01-508267-009
North American Industry Classification System (NAIS) Code      611310

 Contact Authorities

Primary person authorized to sign contracts: Dr. Linda La Grange Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Rodgers Administration Bldg. Rm. 108, Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM 87701-9000 Phone: 505.454.3578 Fax: 505.426.2117 lagrange_l@nmhu.edu University Mailing Address: New Mexico Highlands University Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM  87701-9000 San Miguel CountyPhysical address:  New Mexico Highlands University 800 West National, Las Vegas, NM 87701-4002
Financial or Contracting Official: Jesus Baquera Associate VP for Finance, RAB 104, Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM 87701-9000 Phone: 505.426.2057 Fax: 505.454.3599 Cognizant Federal Auditor: DHA Narendra V. Gandhi Phone: 214.767.2320
Submit Proposal Applications and Awards to: NMHU, Dr. Linda La Grange Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Rodgers Administration Bldg – 108 Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM 87701-9000 Phone: 505.454.3578 lagrange_l@nmhu.edu Payments made payable to: New Mexico Highlands University NMH Business Office Las Vegas, NM  87701-9000 Phone: 505-454-3328
Submit Proposals requiring 501c3 to:  James Mandarino Foundation Office Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM 87701-9000 Phone: 505-454-3198 Room: KENW jfmandarino@nmhu.edu  Nonprofit documentation:  must be submitted through the NMHU Foundation, James Mandarino, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs.
Provider: NMHU’s Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Originated: September, 2007 (Sec03); Updated: 11/08/13


 Breakdown of Fringe Benefit Rates (Fiscal Year 2013-14)

Retirement – ERB Members (Includes all active faculty and staff) 13.15%
Retirement – Return-to-Work (Includes ERB retirees who stay out 1 year and return) 13.15%
Retirement – ERB Members (Includes ERB members who earn less than 20K per year) 13.15%
Retirement – PERA Retirees 13.15%
 Retiree Health Care  2%
 Students Contact Angela Vigil-Juarez (ORSP Grants Manager)
The following fringe costs are required of all employees.
Social Security  6.20%
Medicare 1.45%
Worker’s Compensation  .52%
Worker’s Compensation Fee  $2.30/quarter/employee
State Unemployment Insurance  79%
The following fringe costs are optional.
Tuition Waivers  Varies by employee
Admin Fee/Insurance  $0.60/biweekly period/employee
Basic Life Insurance $1.94/biweekly period/employee
Employee Assistance Program  $0.52/biweekly period/employee
Medical Insurance Varies by employee selection
Dental Insurance  Varies by employee selection

Provider: NMHU’s Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Originated: September, 2007 (Sec03); Updated: 11/08/13