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For post-fire resources and recovery information, please click the banner.

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The HLC Accreditation process is spelled out in detail on the HLC website.

Highlands is on what is called the “Standard Pathway.” This calls for a full Self-Study and a comprehensive visit every 10 years. Our last self-study was in 2009, with our most recent visiting to provide additional accreditation information taking place in Fall 2015. It was as a result of this 2015 visit that the HLC identified the Probation Areas that Highlands must address.

For more details about what exactly probation means and the process to remove Highlands from it, consult this section of the HLC website. In short, Highlands will make an assurance filing in November 2017 providing evidence that we have resolved the probation areas. The HLC will visit campus in December 2017 to further inspect this filing. The HLC Board will meet in June 2018 to take final action on the results of the filing and visit.


Highlands has put together six working groups of volunteers from administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Five of these groups will be working to write the Assurance Argument, with one criteria for accreditation per group, and the sixth group will be the “Site Visit Team,” helping to organize our HLC visit on November 6th-November 8th 2017. You can see the volunteers of the groups below:

One: Mission
Law, Terri Admin
Jenkins, Kathy Faculty
Meckes, Shirley Faculty
Harrington, Edward Faculty
Aragon, Ruben Library
Ulibarri, Mariano Staff
Baca, Jeanette Staff
Peoble, Rebekah Student
Probation Area 1A: Mission
Two: Integrity
Duran, Cristina Admin
Sanchez Burr, David Faculty
Mills, Tyler Faculty
Esquibel, Monique Staff
Evans, Victoria Staff
Boudreau, Helene Staff
Strahan, Robert Staff
Gonzales, Margaret Staff
Killian, Jason Student
Probation Area 2A: CF Handbook
Three: Teaching: Quality, Resources
Linder, Carol Admin
Cronin, Jerry Faculty
Gadsden, Gloria Faculty
Nariman, Arfai Faculty
Rudolph, Lori Faculty
Tucker, Keith Faculty
Kent, April Library
Garcia, Loretta Staff
McKinney, Margaret Staff
Mohanna, Elizabeth Staff
Probation Area 3C: CF Evaluation
Probation Area 3D: Resources at Centers
Four: Retention, Assessment
Martinez, Edward Admin
Fath, Lauren Faculty
Glover, Geri Faculty
Jaremko-Wright, Will Faculty
Deacon, Robert Faculty
Ratzlaff, Elizabeth Staff
Brooks-Williams, Cathryn Staff
Pacheco, Benito Staff
Marrs, Diana Staff
Probation Area 4B: Assessment
Probation Area 4C: Retention
Five: Resources, Planning
Blea, Kimberly Admin
Loewen, Kerry Faculty
Linder, Peter Faculty
Wilkes, Yvette Staff
Romero, Lou Ann Staff
Loffredo, Rick Staff
Loera, Yvonne Student
Probation Area 5A: Reserves
Probation Area 5B: Board of Regents
Probation Area 5C: Strategic Planning
Site Visit Team
Lail, Warren Admin
Weaver, Sean Admin
Kempner, Brandon Faculty
Cruz, Patricia Faculty
Salman, Juli Staff
ABQ Person
Santa Fe Person
Farmington Person