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Needless to say, in the course of the accreditation process a large number of documents are produced and exchanged by both the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and by Highlands University. This page lists some key documents in our recent interactions with the HLC.

Policy on Financial Stability 2018

Letter of July 9, 2018 from HLC to Highlands University: This is the letter formally removing HU from probationary status. Additionally, this letter stipulates that HU will host a Focused Visit in 2019-20, and specifies the three areas of concern with will be addressed in the Focused Visit. This is a key document for our current accreditation status.

Assurance Argument submitted to HLC on 9/11/2017: After Highlands University was placed on probation, this document was produced by HU to demonstrate that the university had met all of the criteria for accreditation as specified by the HLC.

HLC Action Letter of September 8, 2016: This is the letter from the HLC formally placing HU on probation. The letter also outlines the specific criteria on which HU was determined to be out of compliance.