Commencement 2024 Information

Commencement 2024 Information

Viles & Crimmin Residence Hall

Opened in 2009, the state-of-the-art residence hall houses 276 students in 89 spacious apartment-style suites that feature private bedrooms, a kitchenette, living room, and bathrooms. Two outdoor landscaped plazas and a third-floor terrace are also part of the design. The new student housing has numerous green features, and is the first campus residential building in New Mexico to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification, a high-level measure of sustainability for water and energy efficiency, materials and resource use, and indoor environmental quality.



Emiteria Martinez Robinson Viles

Orphaned young, and then left again on her own at the death of her grandparents in 1896, Emiteria, affectionately known as “Matie,” was adopted by the Elizabeth and Isaiah Robinson family. In 1908, Matie married Skipper Viles and used the domestic skills taught to her by her adoptive family at the popular dude and cattle ranch the young couple were hired to manage.  Skipper learned about the stock market from discussions between wealthy visitors, and he did well enough to purchase the ranch in 1930.  When Skipper died in 1950, Matie was not aware that her husband had made money in the stock market until W. Morris Shillinglaw, Jr., a Las Vegas attorney, worked with her to determine what she would like to do with her money. Matie had always enjoyed helping her neighbors and friends in Pecos by providing pencils and supplies for needy school children.  The idea to help young girls who were orphaned evolved. Matie felt that she would like to help others have opportunities that she did not have. In 1959, the first scholarships with her goals in mind were awarded in Matie’s name.


Ken and Sue Crimmin  

While working for the Grant Company, Ken Crimmin was transferred to Chicago where he met his wife Sue.  In the late thirties, Mr. Crimmin joined the U.S. Army was stationed at Camp Luna in charge of the PX.  Sue Crimmin worked for many years with New Mexico Highlands University.  When his enlistment ended the couple chose to stay in Las Vegas, and he worked with Funks 5 & 10 until he purchased the Las Vegas Credit Bureau, which he profitably operated for many years.  Ken and Sue had no children.  The Ken and Sue Crimmin Scholarship is restricted to graduating seniors from Robertson High School and West Las Vegas High School.  During the 25 years this fund has been in operation, the Cimmin Scholarship has graduated approximately 240 students.


Were you a recipient of a Viles or Crimmin scholarship?  Email us and let us know – we'd love to hear from you!