Bachelor of Social Work Admissions

New Mexico Highlands University invites you to apply for admission to its School of Social Work, which has been recognized by North Central Accreditation as an Academic School of Excellence.

The information contained in our web pages provides a description of our bachelor of social work program, program locations, curriculum, and the academic requirements for admission to New Mexico Highlands.

Candidates best suited for a career in social work should be motivated to work in the human services field, have demonstrated academic potential, good oral and written skills, and have the interpersonal qualities to work with multicultural and diverse populations regardless of differences in social class, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disabilities, ethnicity and culture. By pursuing a B.S.W. degree at New Mexico Highlands University, students make a commitment to learn and work with Hispanic and American Indian populations of New Mexico and the Southwest.

All applicants seeking admission to New Mexico Highlands University must complete the application form, which is available through the Office of Admissions, the Highlands Recruitment Office, or online here. Official transcripts from each postsecondary institution must be submitted to the Admissions Office.

Upon admission to Highlands, complete the Declaration of Intent, Work Experience, and Volunteer Experience forms, available here. These forms must be returned to New Mexico Highlands University, School of Social Work, Box 9000, Las Vegas, NM 87701.