Bond B Would Help Donnelly Library and Local Libraries Expand Collections

photo of Ruben Aragon

Ruben Aragon

Las Vegas, N.M. – Highlands University’s Donnelly Library and all Las Vegas libraries will receive funding to expand collections if voters approve Library Bond B.

Bond B is a statewide measure on the Nov. 8 ballot that is not a new tax, but instead would replace funding from bonds set to expire.

“Library general obligation bond funds pay for a wide variety of library materials,” said Ruben Aragon, Thomas C. Donnelly Library director. “Donnelly Library alone will receive approximately $109,672 if Bond B passes. Typically, here at Donnelly we spend about 80 percent of the funds on books and DVDs, about 15 percent on audiovisual materials, and about 5 percent on online services.”

Other Las Vegas libraries that will receive additional funding if Bond B is approved include Luna Community College, the City of Las Vegas Carnegie Library, Las Vegas City Schools, West Las Vegas School District, and Rio Gallinas School.

Collectively, Las Vegas libraries will receive $220,943 if voters approve Library Bond B.

“By building the collections at all our local libraries we are better able to serve our patrons because each library is unique in what it offers,” Aragon said.

He said that since 2002, New Mexico voters have approved Library Bond B, with support growing each time the measure is on the ballot.

“We are very thankful for this statewide support. New Mexicans find a wealth of information and resources at their local public library,” Aragon said.

Statewide if voters approve Bond B, academic, public, public school and tribal libraries will receive a total of $10 million to help expand their collections.

More information about Library Bond B is online at at www.bondsforlibraries.nmla.org