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Wellness Wednesday Blog

Wellness Wednesday Feb. 24, 2021

Two music technicians in front of Computer monitor

Music can help with emotion regulation and expression as well as be used to gain energy, maintain focus, reduce boredom, and aid in distressing situations. Lyrics, instrumentals, or certain melodies can aid listeners in giving a voice to their feelings and the ability to identify their emotions. Sometimes we have music mimicry, which is when we mimic the emotion of the song or music and depending on the song, we may feel happy, sad, or even upset. When we feel mad, we may want to listen to music that helps us express our anger, but later we may listen to something relaxing to help change our mood.

People also have an action sensation to music, which is what makes us want to dance or move, speed up or slow down! This can help when we want to exercise, take a nap, and focus. As students, sometimes we are told that music can help us with memorizing information, that is because it engages various parts of the brain. When studying try listening to music that helps you focus, maybe something just instrumental. Or get creative and come up with lyrics and a little song to help you remember information!

Mix up your music by creating a pass along playlist to share. Get as many people involved as you want and have each select a song(s) that inspire them or get them motivated! By the end everyone will have contributed to a motivational and unique playlist! Try this for team practice, study group, or right before those Monday morning Zoom meetings!

Wellness Wednesday Feb. 17, 2021

image for Wellness Wednesday warm drinks postWhat is your favorite warm drink to enjoy? When do you like to enjoy it? How do you like to enjoy it? On cold winter days, when we are sick, or maybe when we want to treat ourselves, a warm drink can be a great way to feel better. But do we really pay attention to the drink, and the joy it is bringing us?

When drinking a warm beverage, maybe your favorite one, try to give attention to the sensation, the smell, the taste, how it looks, and maybe even the sound. After noticing these details, how do you feel? Would you do that again? You can do this with any drink you have daily, or your favorite one.

We all drink something every day, even if it is just water; being mindful of what we are drink can help us appreciate what we have, and how a cup of coffee or tea can be a luxury all on its own if we let it!

Even with distance, try to connect with others by sharing your favorite drinks with each other, or by taking time out of your day to have a phone or video call over a cup of coffee or tea! Plan a time to sit down and enjoy a warm drink while being mindful, or plan time for a drink with someone you enjoy spending time with!

Wellness Wednesday Feb. 9, 2021

Photo of person putting stickers on windowSchool is moving fast into the spring semester, and Valentine’s Day is almost here! Try these two wellness practices to share some self-love and help slip away from the screen. If you enjoy it, keep going, and share the wellness!

Love is in the air! Try to say one nice thing to yourself OUT LOUD. Give yourself a compliment, be your own fan, or point out something about yourself that maybe others do not always see. Something like this: “I love that I work hard for what I want!” Or give a compliment like, “I love my smile!” or “This shirt makes me feel good.”

Stretching, but for your eyes! We can get carried away looking at screens all day, so for this exercise, find a window to look through. This exercise helps us not only look away from a screen, but also become more observant and increase focus:First, find objects closest to the window and look at everything you see in that window’s frame.

Describe the objects in the window closest to you by using shapes, colors, textures, and movements. Try not to label the objects but rather just give descriptions. Try to do this for a few minutes. How did that feel?

Wellness Wednesday August 26, 2020

Pets can be valuable for maintaining mental and emotional wellness.

You’ve all probably heard of emotional support animals (ESA’s). These animals are helpful to individuals who have experienced some type of traumatic event or face episodes of anxiety, panic, depression, etc. and they can be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional.

However, if you don’t have a diagnosis a pet can still be very helpful in times of uncertainty and loneliness. They provide unconditional love and are able to instantly improve our moods. If you are able to have a pet but desire something low maintenance yet calming consider fish or turtles as pets. They have a calm, slow pace and if you have time to observe them as they go along their daily activities of life so too will you have a calmer approach towards life and your daily routine.

Wellness Wednesday August 19, 2020
Positive affirmations for wellness
Positive affirmations help us create the vision in our minds of what we want to do and how we want to live. They can give us encouragement and promote the release of endorphins, which make us feel good. Continuously repeating positive affirmations can also increase self-confidence. Here are some to try:

I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am smart.
I am healthy.

There are many more that you can create on your own that can be in a language that you want to use or a phrase that speaks to you. One that comes to mind is “I got this!”

Give it a try for 30 days. Everyday, multiple times a day. Write it down somewhere that you can see it often and say it each time you see it to remind yourself how awesome you are.