Crime Prevention


A campus community relies on a peaceful, safe and secure environment.  Preserving this environment is a responsibility everyone must share.  Campus community members are asked to be aware of university policies and procedures and to report any crime or suspicious activity to the Highlands Police/Security Department.

Everyone needs to be realistic about personal safety.  While the Highlands Police/Security Department strives to keep the campus safe, it cannot do so, if people intentionally choose to engage in risky activity.  Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding suspicious or dangerous activity can help keep you out of trouble.

Tips to Prevent Crime

  1. Register your bicycle with the Highlands Police/Security Department’s Operation Identification program and always secure it to a bike rack on campus with a dependable, high quality lock.
  2. Lock the doors and windows to your room, and lock your vehicle every time you leave. Do not leave valuables where they can be easily seen by someone passing.
  3. Always be aware of your surroundings and of any strangers near you. If someone is acting suspiciously, move toward large groups and well lit areas.
  4. Mark all valuables, including textbooks, with your name and/or Banner ID number or driver’s license number. Let the Highlands Police/Security Department keep an inventory of all items marked along with make, model, and serial number through Operation Identification.
  5. Report any suspicious activity or behavior that violates the law or campus policies.

The issue of sexual assault and other sexual misconduct is at the forefront in universities nationwide. Highlands has a specific policy prohibiting sexual misconduct and will assist victims seeking counseling, changing room assignments, making academic changes, and in any other way possible.  Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are reminded that they can contact the Highlands Police/Security Department for assistance any time and do not have to file an official police report in order to be helped.

Off-campus crime involving registered or chartered Highlands organizations is reported and handled by the Las Vegas City Police and the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office. The Highlands Police/Security Department is linked with these agencies via a county-wide, two-way, mutual assistance radio network and can monitor these activities.

However, anyone wanting specific information on off-campus crime, should contact the appropriate agency.