Commencement 2024 Information

Commencement 2024 Information

Accessibility Services is the primary point on contact for all disability related issues at Highlands University’s main campus and centers.  At Highlands, Accessibility Services does not normally provide accommodations directly.  Rather, Accessibility Services coordinates academic accommodations with appropriate university departments and employees; advises faculty, staff, and management on disability issues, and advocates on issues of concern to students with disabilities.  Accessibility Services also advises students on academic, career, and transitional issues and provides referrals where appropriate.  Disability-related assistance for employees, including EEO related matters, is handled by Human Resources.


How to Access Services
Accessibility Services exists to serve. Students wishing to access services provided by Disability Services must abide by the department’s policy and procedures.  Students with disabilities are not required to register or identify themselves in anyway unless they wish to receive services.  Students requesting academic accommodations must provide current medical documentation of their disability and meet with staff in the Accessibility Services office.  As the area of academic accommodations can become quite complicated, students should refer to the chapter of the department’s handbook dealing with academic accommodations for specific details.  Students who wish to receive general academic support such as academic advising, career advising, and so on, should contact Accessibility Services for either an appointment or a referral.  Students with a complaint or grievance should follow the directions under the appropriate section in the Accessibility Services manual.


Customer Service Standards

Students who interact with Accessibility Services can expect quality services and prompt, courteous assistance.  Accessibility Services is committed to meeting the following customer services goals:


General Standards

All individuals will be treated equally and with sensitivity towards their emotional, psychological, ethnic, and cultural status.

All phone calls and emails will receive a response within 24 hours.  All letters will receive a response within ten business days of receipt.

Individuals will be seen within 10 minutes of a prearranged appointment.  If an appointment needs to be canceled, the student will be notified as soon as possible.


Academic Accommodations

All information will be treated with care and kept confidential consistent with the Family Educational Privacy Rights Act (FERPA) and professional guidelines.

Decisions regarding a student’s request for accommodations will be made within one week. If a student does not initially submit complete documentation, Accessibility Services will work with the student and his or her medical providers in an attempt to assure that the student’s paperwork is complete.

The accommodation memo will be sent out to professors via e-mail or letter by the end of the first week of class if the student’s class schedule is submitted before the first day of class. Otherwise, the accommodation memo will be sent out within ten business days of the accommodation(s) being approved by Accessibility Services.


Information Dissemination

Public information will be disseminated in a variety of formats and mediums including writing, orally, electronically, and in formats necessary to meet the needs of students with visual and hearing disabilities.

Prompt and accurate referrals to other individuals, agencies, and/or organizations as necessary to meet the needs of the customer.



Individuals who believe that these customer service standards have not been met, should notify the Vice President of Student Affairs.


The link to the web page below provides information on financial aid for students with disabilities.  Highlands is not responsible for the content of the following web sites.

Washington University’s “College Funding Strategies for Students with Disabilities” link takes longer than normal to load.  Click here