• Accounts Payable is responsible for issuing payments to vendors.
  • To start the purchasing process:
    • Find your vendors
    • Get quotes
    • Create and submit a Purchase Requisition to PURCHASING DEPARTMENT.
    • A Purchase Order will be issued
    • Order items
    • After items are delivered or service completed, make sure everything is correct and complete.
    • Sign and approve the invoice. If tangible items are purchased forward the invoice to Central Receiving for a Receiving Report, if invoice is for services forward to Accounts Payable.
    • Please submit all invoices in a TIMELY MANNER.
  • Back Up Documentation must accompany all Check Requests with an additional copy to be sent to the vendor before payment will be issued.

    Check Request

    • Check Requests are to be used for goods and services listed on the Approved Check Requests Transactions List found in the Purchasing Policy.
      • Purchasing policy can be found on the NMHU website under employees and  then online documents?
    • Check Request must be submitted to Purchasing Dept. before payment can be issued.
    • All required signatures should be on the Check Request before submitting to Accounts Payable.
      • Please see Paper Flow Procedure in the Online Documents for required Signatures.
    • Back Up Documentation must accompany all Check Request with an additional copy to be sent to the vendor before payment will be issued.

    Invoices for Tangible Items and Services

    • All invoices need approval from the departments before payment will be issued.
      • Please ensure that the correct PO# is indicated on the invoice.
    • NMHU is tax exempt for tangible items; however, we are responsible for taxes on services.
    • Tangible items need a receiving report before payment can be issued.
      • (A tangible item is any material item.)

    Tax and Freight

    • Tax and Freight have their own accounts and separate line items should be issued for them using the correct account.
      • Tax account is 7524
      • Freight account is 7153
    • Tax and Freight will not be paid under any other account.
    • Please ensure that these accounts are being specified on the Purchase Requisition, if they are not indicated on the Purchase Order the invoice will be returned to the Department for an addendum.

    Purchase Orders and Invoices

      • Items listed on Invoices MUST match items listed on the Purchase Orders.
      • Payments for ADVERTISING MUST have a copy of the Ad attached to the invoice.
      • It would be greatly appreciated if all  departments would specify the FOAPAL on Invoices when processing for payment.
    • If an addendum is required to pay for Tax, Freight or Overage amounts, please ensure that these are done in a TIMELY MANNER.


    • If you are on Direct Deposit for Accounts Payable your reimbursement will be Direct Deposit even if indicated otherwise.
    • Please specify if check is to be mailed or held for pick up on all documentation.
      • If held for pick up please indicate on the top left hand corner.
    • Please verify address on invoices and check requests.
      • If there is no indication to hold for pick up the check will automatically be mailed to the address listed on the invoice or check request.

    BDMS invoices/check Requests/travel documentation

    • The Business Office is currently in the process of implementing Banner Document Manager System (BDMS); basically all original documents will eventually be scanned and filed electronically. The Business Office is asking that when you process documents that you process accordingly.
    • Please know that this does not change the paper flow procedures; the only change is to the document format process.


    • New Process:
      • All signatures/approvals must be in black only.
      • Do not use other colored pens (red, purple, pink, etc.,) as the scanner does not pick up all colored inks.
      • When signing a document do not write over a printed area, please sign on a blank area.
      • Some vendor invoices may have to be signed on the back side, due to the fact that the front side has printed information and there is no room for signature.
      • Please do not highlight any sections of a receipt, check request, travel voucher, purchase requisitions, etc.,
      • When highlighting it sometimes acts as a redaction (it blacks out the written/printed area) as we scan the documents.
      • We’ve also noticed that by highlighting a receipt is fades away the important printed information.
      • Please do not staple receipts when attaching them to a full sheet of paper; rather, tape all four sides.  This will help prevent paper jams, as we are scanning the documents into the system.
      • Please note that when you tape all four side, that you do not tape on the printed area as this sometimes fades out the important printed areas.
      • Please do not use colored paper.  Only use white paper.
      • We still need to receive original invoices, therefore if an original invoice from the vendor is on colored paper (i.e., yellow/pink) submit the original invoice for payment.
      • If you use a stamp, it must be black ink only.