ARMAS Business Continuity Plan

The ARMAS center has resumed full online operations as of 3/30/2020.

All ARMAS staff are available via email/phone during regular business hours. In addition, academic support for STEM courses is available to students through Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Supplemental instruction leaders, math tutors, and MSEIP success coaches have reached out to students on their course rosters and formulated course teams. They will continue to remain in close contact with course instructors and be responsible for conducting online peer mentoring sessions.

For questions about academic support programs, please contact:

Kelly Trujillo; Director

Laura Salazar; Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

Estrella Gutierrez; MSEIP Coordinator

Lorraine Bowman; Math Tutor Coordinator

Supplemental Instruction:

  • SILs will offer a recorded and well-developed lesson plan once per week (15-20 minutes), which will be uploaded to Teams.
  • Two additional lesson plans per week will be prepared and delivered to any team member(s) who attend live sessions.
  • SILs will continue to provide lesson planning and other documentation (including team attendance) as required by the SI Coordinator.
  • SILs will continue to generate study materials for their teams as needed, which will be shared on Teams.
  • SILs will continue to coordinate efforts with the course instructor, which may include additional setup and recording of laboratory experiments.

Math Tutors:

  • Math tutors will work on a rotating schedule to provide online support for students enrolled in math courses
  • Math tutors will coordinate with math instructors to provide online study materials for lower level math courses up to Calculus I.
  • Math tutors may assist instructors as needed, including grading of assignments or facilitation of math lab activities.

MSEIP Success Coaches:

  • Success coaches will continue to provide online support materials for their cohorts of students, including final exam prep course materials.
  • Success coaches will also hold virtual office hours several times per week as needed by their students.
  • Success coaches will reach out weekly to course instructors to offer additional assistance, which may include assistance with lab demonstrations as needed.
  • Success coaches will continue to document activities of MSEIP participants for the sake of grant reporting and stipend disbursements to students.