Covid-19 information: Please click the banner

Covid-19 information: Please click the banner

Housing and Student Conduct (HSC) department will remain available to provide support for students and staff while working from home. Support staff will be available by telephone and email. In-person support will not be available.

HSC does not expect a reduction in services. Staff will be available to assist with the following services:

Residence Halls/Campus Apartments:

  • Empty trash
  • Disinfect high touch and common areas
  • Regular cleaning of common areas
  • Respond to after-hours emergency calls
  • Attend to routine maintenance issues
  • Respond to emergencies and crisis
  • Ensure standards are maintained
  • Report all safety hazards and maintenance issues
  • Emotional support and guidance for students living in the halls or apartments

Administrative Operations:

  • Respond to online correspondence (
  • Respond to mail inquiries
  • Respond to internal and external telephone calls
  • Process new and renewal applications
  • Communicate daily with the residence staff and custodial staff
  • Liaise with campus departments

 HSC Contact Information:
Phone 505-454-3526

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 12 noon. 1 – 5 p.m.