The Writing Center

The NMHU Writing Center supports all writers—undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff—using collaborative, conversational methods. We are a place where anyone can come to talk with a tutor about whatever writing they are working on, whether it’s for a class, for a job application, or for something else. We also help at any point in the process, so writers can come for an appointment whether they are just getting started or polishing a final draft. We work with writers of all disciplines and provide help in all areas of writing, including structure and organization, development of ideas, thesis statements, sentence structure and mechanics, citations. For those teaching classes, we also offer workshops on a variety of topics and class visits to explain our services.

This semester, we are using a Microsoft form for appointment requests. We generally respond to these requests within 24 hours. Requests made on Friday after closing will be addressed at the beginning of the following workweek.

We are available for appointments at the following times: 

Monday: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; 6-7 pm. (online only)
Tuesday: 11 am.-6 p.m; 6-7 pm. (online only)
Wednesday: 8 a.m.-2 p.m; 6-8 p.m.
Thursday: 11 a.m.-5 p.m
Friday: 8-11 a.m.

Starting in Fall 2021, the writing center is available for appointments on campus in Douglas Hall 115-E and online. We welcome walk-ins onsite, but appointments are strongly encouraged, as they guarantee time with a tutor. Writers doing online appointments will be placed in a waiting room and admitted by a tutor for their appointment.

All appointments will take place via the Writing Center’s Zoom room: Students can join this link to do a walk-in appointment, but appointments are strongly encouraged, as they guarantee time with a tutor. After entering the link, students will be placed in a waiting room and admitted by a tutor, then placed into a breakout room with a tutor for their appointment.

You can e-mail questions about our services to

Language Learning Center

These are some of the services that the LLC (Language Learning Center) provides:

1) Tutoring services in American Sign Language (ASL) and in Spanish to students who want to supplement their language learning outside of the classroom.

2) Our tutors organize workshop topic sessions that focus on certain grammatical concepts and other aspects of the language that professors believe the students need to develop.

3) The LLC tutors also host charlas (conversation sessions) for those who want to exercise and improve their oral communication skills in Spanish. Signed conversation sessions are also held for students who want to practice and improve their ASL fluency.

Tutoring Availability:
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We may occasionally accommodate Zoom meetings over the weekend, by a previous request of at least 24 hours.

Tutoring Delivery:
All fall 2020 tutoring sessions will be at the LLC Zoom (please check the LLC website for up to date information). Students can do walk-in appointments during our available times, and request after hours tutoring.

Contact Information:
To schedule an appointment, questions about our schedule, services or events send us an e-mail to Expected response time: 24 hours Monday through Friday and 48 hours over the weekend.

LLC Director: Karol Ibarra Zetter, Douglas Hall; #104


ARMAS will continue to provide academic support through the following means:

1) Math Tutoring: Live online math tutors are available during the times indicated on the following link:

2) Supplemental Instruction: SI Leaders have reached out directly to the rosters of the following courses, providing course-specific links and schedules for online academic help.  SI Leaders are embedded in these classes and actively recruiting students. These courses include: BIOL2110, BIOL2620, CHEM1215, CHEM1225, CHEM3410, FORS1010, FORS3400, GEOL1110, MATH1215, MATH1220, MATH1250, MATH1510, PHYS1230.

3) ARMAS will be open Sunday-Friday from 1 to 5 p.m. starting 9/8/20. While no academic support will be offered in person, the center will be available for student computer/wifi use.

Highlands Undergraduate Enrichment

Peer Mentorship through the Highlands Undergraduate Enrichment program will provide mentoring services to first-year students in the following courses: ANTH 1215, BIO 1140, COMM 1130, EDUC 1120, ENGL 1110, FDMI 2521, FYEX 1110, MGMT 2110, PSY 1110

Peer mentors work specifically with first-time freshmen and are happy to help any student enrolled in these courses regardless of classification. Please email for access to student mentoring schedules and Microsoft Team access.

Net Tutor

NetTutor is a web-based online tutoring service available to NMHU students. Tutors are highly trained experts in their respective areas. With NetTutor, you can choose either synchronous (tutor and learner meet live, simultaneously) or asynchronous (learner submits questions and receives tutor response, similar to email) online tutoring. The Q&A Center allows for 24-hour access with a one-day turnaround, and live tutoring sessions that include 1-to-1 help with a qualified tutor.

NetTutor can be accessed through Brightspace.