Consultation with Student Groups

Counseling staff are available to meet with student groups and organizations to assist with training, presentations and workshops. We strive to help groups become more effective on campus. You should set up an appointment so we can work together with your organization. Contact Counseling Services when you have a question or a concern.

Consultation with faculty and staff. 

Counseling staff are available to help you with issues that may arise with you and a student. Our goal is to help both you and the student resolve the issue.

Note: If we are already working with the student, we will maintain our confidentiality agreement with that student.

Consultation with parents and family members. 

We can assist family members who are helping a Highlands student who may be struggling with a problem. Our goal is to help you solve the problem.

Note: If we are working with the student we will maintain our confidentiality agreement with that student.

Contact us at 505.454.3218