Culinary Adventure Under the Stars October 5

Las Vegas, N.M. –  Highlands university is presenting a one-of-kind culinary experience under the stars Oct. 5  at 6 p.m. at the university’s observatory.

The Molecular G-Astronomy dinner is a Highlands Foundation fundraiser to benefit programs that support student success at the university.

“Join us for a culinary adventure through the solar system,” said Juli Salman, Alumni Affairs director. “Enjoy Isaac Sandoval’s creative cuisine under a canopy of stars.

“The menu consists of nine courses with each one reflecting characteristics of a planet in our solar system. Molecular G-Astronomy is a genre of cuisine which features the chemical and physical changes that happen during cooking. It can be like a delicious form of magic,” Salman said.

Sandoval and his wife, Shawna Sandoval, co-own The Skillet Restaurant in Las Vegas.

“Highlands has the only observatory in Northern New Mexico and we want to draw attention to this great feature of our campus. We’re lucky to have low light pollution in this part of the state, which makes the celestial bodies even more visible,” Salman.

Following dinner as the night sky darkens, Salman said people will have the opportunity to use the university’s powerful telescope aided by a university staff member.

Tickets for the Molecular G-Astronomy event are $50 and seating is limited. For reservations, call 505-454-3248 or email lylamaestas@nmhu.edu  Tickets are also available for purchase at the Highlands Foundation Office at 905 University.

The Highlands observatory is located on the top of the Ivan Hilton Science Building at the northeast corner of National Avenue and 11th St. Access to the observatory in Ivan Hilton’s west wing is on 11th Street via the stairs and elevator, using the PH button.