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DACA students

Undocumented Students
New Mexico Highlands is committed to providing opportunities for students to attain an exceptional education within a diverse community. We are committed to our core values of excellence, diversity, accessibility, and responsiveness. Therefore, Highlands will accept students regardless of their citizenship status. Undocumented and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA)/Dreamer students who apply to Highlands are treated like family, the same as citizen applicants. Applying Undocumented students should follow the same application procedure for all domestic (not international) applicants to Highlands. This process includes:

First-time Freshmen Applicants                               

  1. Apply online
  2. Submit Official High School Transcripts:

or New Mexico Highlands University Student Recruitment & Undergraduate Admission Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM 87701

  1. Submit ACT/SAT test scores (used for course placement and scholarship award consideration)
  2. Email indicating your citizenship status

Transfer Applicants

  1. Apply Online
  2. Submit official college transcripts:

or by mail to New Mexico Highlands University Student & Undergraduate Admission Box 9000 Las Vegas, NM 87701

  1. Email indicating your citizenship status

Financial Aid Highlands is here to assist students in finding ways to fund their college education through a variety of financial aid options. Because federal financial aid is not available for undocumented students, Highlands provides state, institutional, and foundation scholarships in its place. If you have a 2.5+ cumulative high school GPA (first-time freshmen) or 3.0+ college GPA (transfer), you may qualify for merit-based Institutional Scholarships. Your application doubles up as your Institutional Scholarship application. Highlands also offers Foundation Scholarships or donor scholarships. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Foundation Scholarships in March: If you are a student with DACA status, you can submit a FAFSA to receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), if desired. However, this is not necessary for Highlands’s financial aid.

Student Jobs Undocumented students are also eligible for non-federal work-study jobs on campus. Highlands Career Services will work with undocumented students to find on-campus institutional jobs, off-campus part-time jobs, summer internships and research programs, and career employment. Applicants are encouraged to browse through our student jobs announcement board. Online Resources for DACA Status Application