Forestry department gets major grant from National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation has announced an award of $5 million to establish a Center of Research Excellence in Science and Technology for Forest Restoration at New Mexico Highlands University. This award, received jointly by NMHU Forestry, the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute, and NMSU’s John T. Harrington Forestry Research Center, heralds the beginning of an exciting new era for forestry in the Southwest. We look forward to engaging current and new students in the activities of this new Center of Research Excellence. More news will be forthcoming in early spring 2020 about our new NSF Center.

New Mexico Highlands University offers the only bachelor’s degree in forestry in New Mexico. Students majoring in forestry at the undergraduate level may choose a concentration in forest management or wildland fire. The program also offers a master of science degree in natural resource management. The program is continually changing to give students a real-world understanding of ecological functions and emerging modern technologies like global positioning systems, geographic information systems, and computerized data collection.