Five student DJs at New Mexico Highland’s radio station, KEDP 91.1, received scholarships from the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. Each DJ, Evan Fleischer, “DJ 419,” Isaac Sandoval, “Super Sac,” Joe Weber, “DJ Koncept,” Eric Maldonado, “DJ X-plosion,” and William Wright, “DJ Wild Bill,” received a $1,000 to $1,200 scholarship. “Our student DJ’s volunteer their time and have a love for music, and this is the place to learn about broadcasting,” said Donna Martinez, general manager of KEDP. “I am very proud of our student DJs.”  KEDP broadcasts a variety of music, from alternative and hip hop to Latin and techno, as well as university news and home sporting events. The scholarship award winners will be announced May 31 during the Broadcasters Association conference in Albuquerque. “The scholarship really helps with my education and gives me time to focus on my extracurricular activities,” Wright said. “It’s a generous amount.” Scholarship recipients were announced May 3 in Albuquerque.  The executive board from the NMBA determines who receives scholarships for students in New Mexico.