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Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --





In English 100, students develop the composition strategies and skills required in college.  In this course, based on Integrations: Reading, Thinking and Writing for College Success, by W.S. Robinson and P. Altman, students examine a series of case studies – scenarios that offer them the opportunity to position themselves for academic inquiry, to read strategically, to apply critical thinking skills, and to engage in an extended writing process that produces a college-level essay.  Students also focus on establishing themselves as effective independent learners by applying academic strategies to a series of increasingly complex projects, and by becoming progressively more skillful at meeting the requirements of purpose and audience, and of structure, style and clarity in a writing task.

Most class sections connect individual projects to course themes of advocacy and a community. 

English 100 curriculum is driven by these course objectives:

  1. Communicate an ability to read texts strategically.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of relationships between ideas in a text and relationships between texts.
  3. Communicate an ability to synthesize information/ideas in and between readings and our social experiences, and the world.
  4. Compose essays that respond accurately to the writing situation and sustain a controlling idea. 
  5. Select and use textual, cultural and/or personal evidence as primary research to support the controlling ideas in our writing.
  6. Maintain focus by organizing paragraphs that are tied to the essay’s controlling idea.
  7. Demonstrate improved grammar and mechanics such as usage, sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization.