‘Eurydice’ at Highlands April 5, 6

Las Vegas, N.M. –The Highlands University Visual and Performing Arts Department presents a free production of the play “Eurydice” April 5 and 6 at 7 p.m. in the Sala de Madrid Building at 801 University Ave.

Don Evans, Highlands University theater instructor, directs the university’s production of the play written by Sarah Rhul.

“This ‘Eurydice’ play is a crazy, modern trip through the underworld of ancient Greece,” Evans said. “Eurydice searches for her father and her place in the Land of the Dead. This modern take on a Greek classic follows the tale of Orpheus, Eurydice’s husband, as he pursues her into the underworld.”

Evans said the cast for “Eurydice” is composed of current and former Highlands University students.

The title role is played by Karliz DeMarco, a Highlands Department of Music alumna and voice instructor.

Justina Medina plays the primary role of Hades while Yareli Ramos-Gonzalez, Ada Alarid, and Carlos Martínez play various manifestations of Hades.

Eli Bebe choreographed the modern dance numbers for the production.

The surreal set is designed by the “Bravo Team” of the Highlands Performing Arts Club.

There is no charge for “Eurydice”; however, donations are gratefully accepted at the door.