Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --

Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --


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2022-2023 Committee Membership

Academic Affairs Committee

One member from each college department, plus two members from each school, one librarian. Two-year terms, only two consecutive terms, elected by department or school.

Chair: Gloria Gadsden
Secretary: Luke Ritter

Art & Music: Todd Christensen
Biology: Maureen Romine
Business Administration: Rodney Sanchez
Chemistry: Nabanita Saikia
Computer and Mathematical Sciences: John Jeffries
Education; Counseling: Geri Glover
Education; Curriculum and Instruction: Daniel Olufemi
Education; Educational Leadership: Sheree Jederberg
Education; Special Education: PJ Sedillo
Education; Teacher Education: Jonathan McCausland
English and Philosophy: Ben Villarreal
Exercise and Sport Science: William Haywood; Youngseek Kim (proxy)
Forestry: Tomek Falkowski
History and Political Science: Luke Ritter
Languages and Culture: Andres Sabogal
Library: Kevin Corcoran
Media Arts and Technology: Mariah Hausman
Natural Resources Management: Mike Petronis
Nursing: Kristen Munyan
Psychology: Daniel Chadborn
Social Work: Benjamin Bencomo
Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice: Gloria Gadsden

Ex-Officio Members:
Provost/VPAA: Roxanne Gonzales
Registrar: Henrietta Romero

Meeting Minutes

Athletics Committee
Five at-large members elected by Faculty Senate, three year terms.
Limited to 2 terms, no school or department with more than 1 member.

Chair: Ben Bencomo

Social Work: Ben Bencomo
Business : Melanie Zollner
CAS; Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice: Erika Derkas

Education: VACANT
CAS; other : Seonsook Park

Ex-Officio Members:
Faculty Athletic Representative: William Hayward
Athletic Co-Directors: Shanna Halalilo and Jim Deisler

Faculty Affairs Committee
Ten committee members elected by College or School, two from Business, two from Education, four from College (two from Math & Sciences, two from Humanities and Fine Arts).

Chair: Jesus Rivas
Secretary: Jesus Rivas

College/Arts & Humanities: Vacant
College/Arts & Humanities: Vacant
College/Math & Science: Jesus Rivas
College/Math & Science: Vacant
Business: Emmanuel Nkwenti-Zamcho
Business: Mariah Fox-Hausman
Education: Vacant
Education; Counseling: Lori Rudoloh
Social Work: Dolores Ortega
Social Work: Vacant

Faculty Research Committee
One member from each College department, plus two members from each School, one librarian. 

Biology: Sebastian Medina
Chemistry: Joerg Kutzner
Computer and Mathematical Sciences: Vacant
English and Philosophy: Juan Gallegos
Exercise and Sports Science: Bill Hayward
History and Political Science: Vacant
Languages and Culture: Norma Valenzuela
Library: Katie Gray
Natural Resources Department: Michael Petronis
Nursing: Vacant
Psychology: David Pan
Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice: Jacob Avery
Visual and Performing Arts: David Lobdell
Business: Ali Arshad
Forestry:  Vacant
Education: Lori Rudolph
Education: Seonsook Park
Social Work: Kim Knox
Social Work: Vacant

Financial Planning Committee
Six members elected by the Faculty senate, no school or department may have more than one member.

Social Work:  Rey Martinez
At Large: Steven Karpowicz
At Large: Elisabeth Valenzuela
At Large: Siri Khalsa
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Vacant

Ex-Officio Members:
VP of Finance: Stephanie Gonzales
Provost/VPAA: Roxanne Gonzales

International Education Committee
One Faculty Member from each School and College plus at least two-at-large faculty members.

Chair: Vacant

College/Math & Science: Vacant
College/Arts & Humanities: Vacant
School of Business: Vacant
Social of Education: Vacant
School of Social Work: Vacant
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Jacob Avery 

Ex-Officio Member
Director of International Education, Tina Clayton

Library Committee
One elected member from each school and five from the College, no more than 2 from the same discipline, at least one from Arts and Humanities and one from Math and Science, One librarian a voting member.

Secretary: Juan Gallegos

College/Arts & Humanities: Juan Gallegos
College/Arts & Humanities: Shereen Lobdell
College/Arts & Humanities: Vacant
College/Math & Science: Vacant
Business: Melanie Zollner
Education: Vacant
Social Work: Jeanette Baca

Outcomes Assessment Committee
One from each school, three from college, at least one from Arts and Humanities and one from Sciences and Mathematics.
College/Math and Science: Sarah Tracy, (Psychology)
College/: Vacant
Business: Stephen Owusu-Ansah
Education: Rod Rock
Social Work: Erik Rolstad
Ex-Officio Members:
Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Heather Tilson

Student Affairs Committee
Twelve faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate; no school or department shall have more than two members; One member from the Faculty Senate.

Chair: Edward Harrington

Secretary: Jeanette Baca
At Large: Joseph Sabutis (Mathematics & Cumputer Science)
At Large: Edward Harrington (Visual & Performing Arts)
At Large: Emmanuel Nkwenti-Zmacho
At Large: Jeanette Baca (Social Work)
At Large: Laura Hansen
At Large: Kwang Jong Park (Education)
At Large: Jess Goldberg
At Large: Blanca Cespedes
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Vacant
At Large: Vacant

Technology Committee
One from each school, two from the college, one librarian.

College/Math & Sciences): Vacant
College/Math & Science: Vacant
Business: Vacant
Education: Vacant
Social Work: Erik Rolstad
Library: Josephine Sena

Ex-Officio Members
Information Technology Services: Adele Ludi
DOC: Patrick Wilson
CTE: Veronica Black

Committee lists are subject to change.