About The Staff Advisory Senate

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What is the Staff Advisory Senate?

The Highlands Staff Advisory Senate will serve as a source of input regarding issues and decisions of the university as they relate to the staff. The Senate will report to the university president and shall have the Staff Advisory Senate president serve on the President’s Advisory Council. In addition, the Senate shall promote the general well being of Highlands by assisting the university in achieving its goals.
What are the Staff Advisory Senate objectives?
The Staff Advisory Senate:
  • Works in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources to establish two-way communication and address matters of concern identified by the Staff Advisory Senate or the administration.
  • Studies problems, concerns, welfare and working conditions of the staff.
  • Calls to the attention of the administration, other university organizations, individuals and matters of concern as they relate to the staff.
  • Cooperates with the Faculty and Student Senates in the formulation of recommendations concerning matters relating to the staff, faculty, and students.
  • The Staff Advisory Senate will not function as a bargaining unit or a grievance committee. Its main objective is to address issues affecting the campus staff at large.

Who can participate in Staff Advisory Senate?

All regular part/full-time, non-faculty staff at the main campus in Las Vegas and its centers across New Mexico.
Who will be the representatives of the Staff Advisory Senate?
The Senate shall be comprised of 12 elected representatives from each of the following membership groups:
  • Administrative/professional
  • Clerical
  • Technical/skilled
  • Maintenance