Photo of Corey Rivas

Margaret Photo McKinney/Highlands University

Highlands biology professor Sarah Corey-Rivas presents her research study, “Population-Level Variation in Host Susceptibility to an Emerging Fungal Pathogen in the Endangered Boreal Toad,” at the 14th annual Faculty Research Day April 28 in the Student Center. Corey-Rivas’ study is about the genes behind tolerance to a new disease in endangered amphibians. School of Education faculty Seonsook Park and Lori Rudolph co-chaired Faculty Research Day. Both teach at the Highlands Rio Rancho Center. Park chairs the Teacher Education Department in the School of Education. Geology professor Michael Peteronis chairs the Faculty Research Committee.


Photo of Micheal Petronis

Photo Margaret McKinney/Highlands University

Geology professors Michael Petronis, shown, and Jennifer Lindline presented, “From Volcanoes to Vineyards: 10 Years of New Mexico Highlands University Geology Research Expeditions to Europe,” at Faculty Research Day 2017. Geology students conducted field research alongside Petronis and Lindline in locations such as the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Scotland and Poland. Lindline chairs the Natural Resources Management Department.