Featured Alum: Rubi Murillo-Fernandez, BSW

A Q&A with NMHU Albuquerque graduate Rubi Murillo-Fernandez, BSW

Photo of Rubi Murillo-Fernandez

Rubi Murillo-Fernandez

March 4, 2020

NMHU Albuquerque: What did you love about NMHU during the years you worked toward your BSW?

Rubi Murillo-Fernandez: What I loved about NMHU during the years I worked toward my BSW was that it allowed me to connect with other students that were supportive and were working to accomplish similar goals. During these years, I loved that my instructors were also supportive, understanding, and accommodating.

NMHU-A: How has the program helped you advance in your current or future career?

RMF: The BSW program allowed me to continue my education through the advanced standing MSW program at NMHU. The program also allowed me to advance toward future employment opportunities by helping me connect with agencies in Albuquerque.

NMHU-A: What are you doing now?

RMF: I am currently in my last semester of the MSW Bilingual/Bicultural program. I am also a Field Graduate Assistant with NMHU at the Albuquerque campus.

NMHU-A: Any advice for current BSW students?

RMF: What I would advise current BSW students is to apply for the MSW program, especially the advanced standing program, because it will provide them with more job opportunities after graduation.