Field Practicum

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The MSW program requires all students to be enrolled in Field Practicum throughout the program of study. A total of twelve credit units of Field Practicum are required during the two years of the program. Students are placed with an agency two full days (16 hours) per week, per academic year or five days (40 hours) per week for the summer semester. The Field Practicum provides the opportunity to apply classroom experience in applying classroom knowledge within an agency setting. Students are supervised by an agency instructor (a licensed MSW practitioner). The agency Iinstructor and field consultant (a member of the Social Work faculty), monitor the student’s performance.

Two-year and Advanced Standing students begin their Field Practicum in the fall semester and are in the same practicum setting for two semesters. Part-time students begin their first year practicum placement during the second year of their program. The second year field practicum must be completed in the student’s chosen area of concentration.

All students are required to file a field practicum application upon admission.  Please contact field staff for further details:

Child Welfare Stipends

The school offers stipends to students who wish to pursue a career in Child Protective Services under the Title IV-E Stipend Program in partnership with the Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD). Students awarded a stipend must conduct their field practicum with an office of the Children Youth and Families Department for one academic year. The average stipend amount for a full-time student is $11,000 per academic year. The amount is prorated for part-time program students. Stipend amounts are subject to change.

Upon completion of the MSW program, stipend recipients must work for CYFD for a period of 18 months for each academic year a stipend is received. Stipend application information is provided to all students at the time of notification of admission. Applications can also be downloaded from the School of Social Work website. The application deadline is June 15 for the following academic school year. Students admitted after the June 15 deadline are not eligible to apply for a CYFD stipend until the following year.

For questions, please reach out to Tamara Thiedeman, Field Education Director (tthiedeman@nmhu.edu) or Sharen Maldonado (skmaldonado@nmhu.edu).

CYFD Stipend Brochure (PDF)

CYFD Stipend Information Page