Scholarship Selection Process

Scholarship recipients are selected by the university’s Scholarship Committee. In some cases, the Scholarship Committee will provide a list of finalists to the donor or a faculty member to make the final choice.

Award letters for scholarships will be sent as soon as possible after April 1, but if you are not initially chosen, you might still receive an award. If a student refuses a scholarship, the scholarship is then offered to another student. You will be informed if you are on the waiting list for scholarship awards. Most awards will be offered by June 1, but awarding may proceed into the early weeks of the fall semester.

Thus, if you decide late to attend the university, and do not meet the March 1 deadline for priority awards, scholarships might still be available. The award process is an ongoing one, and will continue until all funds are exhausted.

Students seeking funding in the spring semester should apply as early in the fall as possible. Applicants will be chosen based on the availability of scholarships — i.e., scholarships were not awarded in the fall or students awarded scholarships did not meet the requirements for continuing their scholarships. Again, all available scholarships will be given, if funding is available. The award process may extend into the beginning of the semester.