First Town and Gown Photography Show at Highlands, Reception April 9

‘Old Men and Hats No. 5’ by James Hunyadi, media arts student.

‘Old Men and Hats No. 5’ by James Hunyadi, media arts student.

Las Vegas, N.M. – Highlands University presents the first Town and Gown Photography Show with an opening reception April 9 from 1 – 3 p.m. in Kennedy Alumni Hall, 905 University Ave.

The exhibit features the work of the university’s Media Arts and Technology Department students and faculty as well as the Meadow City Camera Club.

“What’s wonderful about this collaboration is I felt inspired by looking at the media arts students’ work,” said Martha McCAffrey, Meadow City Camera Club member. “Their approach is often unique, and they bring a fresh eye to photography. The exhibit was a chance to learn from each other.”

McCaffrey, a photographer of 37 years, said the Meadow City Camera Club enjoyed working with the students, and wants to see the joint photography show become an annual event.

“I hope when people come to see this show they will experience a sense of unity between the community and the university,” McCaffrey said.

Kerry Loewen, chair of the Media Arts and Technology Department, said the photography exhibit showcases a variety of subject matter.

“This exhibit combines primarily landscape and abstract works from the camera club with works students in my contemporary photography class shot in the studio from spiders to people,” Loewen said.

Loewen said the exhibit gave his students the opportunity to prepare their work for display in a professional setting with professional photographers.

“This exhibit shows that our media arts students always rise to the challenge. I’m very proud of them. It’s also really nice to get students out of the classroom into the community,” Loewen said.

The Town and Gown Photography Show continues through May 27. It also features photographs by Highlands fine arts faculty.