Hacienda Cremello

Hacienda Cremello

Hacienda Cremello

Creating Comics: Studying Graphic Narratives


ENGL  152    Introduction to Fiction

MART  233   Imagining History and Production

UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “Creating Comics,” we read comics for their narrative and visual elements, studying how these come together to create compelling texts. Reading some assigned comics and selecting some of your own, we will also learn the digital tools for composing and editing comics. Finally, you will write, create, and publish your own. This Learning Community is a good match if you’re interested in comics, digital art, or reading and writing fiction.




BizTech: Let’s Excel in Business

BUS 200        Business Analysis Methods

CS 135           Intro to Information Systems

UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “BizTech: Let’s Excel in Business” we explore the connections between common business functions and needs and how we can utilize software to plan, analyze and process information to make decisions, lower costs, increase efficiency, perform basic financial business-related functions, create marketing and promotional pieces, and expand to a global market. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in owning your own business, or working in Information systems to support a business, while also learning all the basic computer functions that will be useful throughout college and in your daily life.




Cultural Discovery:  Exploring Latino Identity through Language

SPAN 101     Beginning Spanish

SPCH 124     Beginning Speech

UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “Cultural Discovery,” we explore identity as we dive in to Spanish language and culture. In Spanish 101, students will explore various Spanish speaking countries to learn about a variety of histories and contributions of the Latino community worldwide. In Beginning Speech, students will explore the prolific and vital history of the Latino culture through film, art, and literature, using research and public presentation in English.  This learning community is a good match for you if you’re interested in garnering a better understanding of Spanish language varieties, and Latino culture and history.



Lighting the Way: Using computers, math, & electronic prototyping platforms to create an interactive exhibit

CS 135             Computers and Electronic Prototyping

Math 120         Intermediate Algebra

UNST 101       Integrative Seminar A

In the “Lighting the Way” learning community, students will gain practical design experience through a collaborative (public art) project.  Beginning in the concept stage, the group will progress into modeling, prototyping, testing, and the fabrication of an interactive float for the Las Vegas Electric Light Parade. Over the course of the semester, a multitude of skills and techniques related to digital fabrication will be presented through this hands-on project. Computer programming, rapid prototyping, and construction will be highlighted, and students will apply basic quantitative skills (arithmetic and algebraic skills) to both technology and everyday life. In-class exercises will focus on developing skills in specific technologies that are widely used in interactive media displays and installations. Students will regularly give presentations on proof-of-concept, testing (field) results, and overall project progress.  The group will ultimately be working toward their final project of a float for the Electric Light Parade.