Highlands Receives Robot from Sandia Labs

MULE Robot

Photo by Rick Loffredo/NMHU
Jake Deuel, a program manager at Sandia National Labs, left, showcases a MULE robot along with Logan Herrera, a senior undergraduate computer science major, Wendy Amai, a senior staff scientist at  Sandia National Labs,  Miguel Maestas, a computer science graduate student, and Gil Gallegos, chair of the computer and mathematical sciences department.

Las Vegas  — The Highlands University Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department received a Multifunction Utility Logistics Equipment (MULE) robot from Sandia National Laboratories. The robot was delivered April 13.

“The MULE robot originally was used to study algorithms of the articulating arms for the production model that was developed by Sandia,” said Wendy Amai, a senior technical staff member at Sandia, who, along with Jake Deuel, manager of Robotic Security Systems at Sandia, presented the MULE to Highlands.

The robot will be here for at least two years for graduate and undergraduate computer science students to learn about modern embedded system design. 

“Other science departments will have access to the robot for other types of research such as sensor design for various science related fields,” said Gil Gallegos, chair of the computer and mathematical sciences department.

The robot will also be used to help recruit both graduate and undergraduate students into the computer science department, since both Sandia and Highlands will benefit from students studying the robot. 

“Many of my students are really excited to have the ability to study and learn about robotic systems,” Gallegos said.