November 26, 2019

Photo of Ian Williamson.

Ian Williamson

Las Vegas, N.M. – New Mexico Highlands University is asking for the public’s input on goals for its strategic plan update.

The survey may be found online at

“We are soliciting feedback and information from anyone with a stake in the future of Highlands as to what you think our strategic goals should be,” said Ian Williamson, vice president for academic affairs and co-chair of Highlands’ strategic plan committee. “We are looking for the broadest participation if you serve the university in any role or you are a community partner interested in the future of Highlands.”

Williamson said the survey will be followed up with further discussions with Highlands faculty, students, staff and administration, as well as community groups and individuals.

“Please let us know what you think. We appreciate your input,” Williamson said.

Highlands professor of languages and culture Eric Romero, who co-chairs the Highlands strategic plan committee, said the Highlands strategic plan is updated every five years.

“The effectiveness of the strategic plan process is dependent on open communication and the willingness of stakeholders to contribute their ideas,” Romero said. “We are determined to involve community partners to help structure meaningful community involvement.”

Romero said the strategic plan is important on several levels.

“The strategic plan is important because it guides the academic, budget and programmatic considerations for Highlands University,” Romero said.

He said in addition to the strategic goals survey, the process for developing the strategic plan will also include upcoming public forums and other discussion opportunities.

“The goal is to complete a working draft of the strategic plan by the end of spring semester 2020. The finalized strategic plan will be publicly presented to the Highlands University Board of Regents for consideration and discussion,” Romero said.