Highlands to Install Electric Charging Station and Add Electric Vehicle to its Fleet

Las Vegas, NM – New Mexico Highlands is continuing to adopt more green energy technologies with its planned installation of an electric vehicle charging station and purchase of an all-electric vehicle for the university’s fleet.

The charging station will be installed in the parking lot next to Highlands’ Sala de Madrid Building on University Avenue and will be available for public use.

“The impacts of climate change can’t be ignored any longer,” said Sylvia Baca, director of Highlands’ Facilities Services Department. “We have to do our part as a leading agency in the community to combat greenhouse gasses.”

Having replaced a majority of low-mileage vehicles in its fleet during the past several years, more than 40% of its current fleet is hybrid vehicles. The purchase of a Tesla Model 3 marks the first all-electric vehicle in the university’s fleet.

“The Tesla Model 3 is comparable in price to a Nissan Leaf,” Baca said. “But it’s a larger car than the Leaf.”

Aside from improving its vehicle fleet, Highlands has made substantial efforts in reducing its carbon footprint through renovating buildings with energy efficient fixtures and timers, incorporating geothermal technology in its Student Center, and providing recycling services for the campus and community. All of Highlands’ recent building remodel projects have been LEED certified, a recognized standard in green building techniques.

“One of the most beautiful sights in New Mexico is our blue skies and natural resources,” said Highlands President Sam Minner. “It’s important to me that Highlands is a leader in helping our communities protect our environment.”