Highlands University Seeks Input on Facilities Planning  

February 21, 2022

New Mexico Highlands University is in the process of updating its capital outlay master plan and seeks community input to guide decision-making in the renovation and use of its campus facilities. The community survey can be found here: https://www.arcforms.info/nmhu2022survey/. Community members will have until March 18, 2022 to respond to the survey.   

Sylvia Baca, director of Facilities & Planning at Highlands University, said that where strategic planning guides operations, the capital outlay master plan guides the use of buildings on campus. She said that while prior plans have incorporated expansion, the current plan will focus on upgrading and maintaining Highlands’ existing facilities.  

“Any time you’re doing a capital outlay master plan, it’s important to get feedback from community members,” said Baca. “More heads are better than one. We might miss something internally that somebody else will catch or bring up to us, so we like to involve as many people as possible.”    

Highlands University is working with architectural consultants from Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated, or ARC,  to develop the capital outlay master plan. Baca said architects and planners from ARC are in the process of assessing facilities on campus, and they are working with the university to update the capital outlay master plan.  

“It’s a very short survey to capture community ideas and responses from local leaders, people outside the university, and of course from within the university,” said Baca.   

For questions about the survey, community members can contact Sylvia Baca at sbaca@nmhu.edu or Andy Aguilar of ARC, at alaguilar@ARCplanning.com.