In Fall 2019, President Minner appointed a committee consisting of faculty, staff, students, and community representatives to begin the process of drafting a new strategic plan to replace our current plan, Vision 2020, which will expire (as the name suggests) in 2020.

This page will provide a report on progress made toward creating the new strategic plan, and will also serve as a repository for key documents related to the new strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Committee

The co-chairs for the Strategic Planning Committee are Dr. Eric Romero and Dr. Ian Williamson. Full committee membership, as well as meeting dates and minutes, can be found here.

Strategic Planning Survey

We are currently soliciting feedback and information from anyone with a stake in the future or Highlands as to what you think our Strategic Goals should be.  Please let us know what you think! You can access a short survey on our proposed strategic planning goals at this link:

We will be following up this survey with further discussions with faculty, student, staff, and community groups to dialogue with as many folks as we can before formulating the 2025 NMHU Strategic Plan. We appreciate your input!

Strategic Planning and the HLC

Our accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), takes strategic planning very seriously. One of their five “Criteria for Accreditation” specifically addresses strategic planning:

Criterion 5: Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness. The institution’s resources, structures, and processes are sufficient to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its educational offerings, and respond to future challenges and opportunities. The institution plans for the future.”

Strategic Planning is also one of the areas of concern in our upcoming HLC Focused Visit (March 30-31, 2020).

Our work in developing a new and effective strategic plan will therefore help us to maintain compliance with HLC expectations.