HU Offers Students Free Online Tutoring

LAS VEGAS, NM – A more convenient way to receive tutoring is now available to New Mexico Highlands students.

The university launched a new online tutoring program, NetTutor, that provides live tutoring in more than 30 subjects. The service is available 24 hours a day.

“This is is a great tool to help engage students in the learning experience,” said Benito Pacheco, Highlands’ director of Academic Support. “The service will help students think critically and develop skills to help them succeed.”

Students will access the free, one-on-one service through their university Banner account.

“The majority of our tutors hold advanced degrees in their subject specialties,” said Richard Meade, vice president and general manager for NetTutor. “Regardless of their knowledge and experience, however, tutors must successfully complete a month-long training period that focuses, in particular, on the pedagogical and technical challenges that differentiate online tutoring from in-person tutoring.”

Tutoring services include most subjects in science, math, business, languages, and the humanities. The service also includes a writing tutor.

“It is important to me that all Highlands students have the tools they need to be successful,” said Highlands President Sam Minner. “Offering convenient, round-the-clock tutoring services responsive to our students’ needs and schedules is an important part of that goal.”